Characters In Flight and Disney Springs From the Air! (Wednesday)
Jeremiah take a birds eye view of Downtown Disney including a look at the recently opened bridge that connects the Marketplace to Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort and Spa
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Once Upon a Time' Season Three Blu-Ray Review (Wednesday)
Once Upon a Time Season Three continues to prove that we don't know our fairy tales as well as we thought. This season looks better on Blu-Ray than it did on TV and a selection of worthwhile bonus features make this release worth owning.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Toy Story of Terror!' Blu-Ray Review (Tuesday)
Toy Story of Terror! is a bizarre mix of funny and scary and fails to find an appropriate balance, but Disney's Blu-Ray will give fans of the special reasons to celebrate.
An Interview with Disney Kingdoms: Figment Writer Jim Zub (Tuesday)
Jeremiah interviews Jim Zub, the writer behind the well-received Disney Kingdoms: Figment comic book series from Marvel.
Kenversations(TM): KaBOOM! Play Together Tour (Tuesday)
The KaBOOM Play Together Tour, powered by Disney Parks, is offering a free experience for families to enjoy as a team. It's making its way across the USA.
A Walk Around Disney' Polynesian Village Resort (Monday)
Jeremiah takes a walk around Disney's Polynesian Village Resort to give us a look at the most recent changes.
Middletown, Delaware Remembers Robin Williams (Monday)
Paul returns to LaughingPlace with a special tribute to Robin Williams inspired by his Touchstone Pictures release Dead Poets Society.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Bedknobs and Broomsticks' Blu-Ray Review (Monday)
Bedknobs and Broomsticks looks stunning on Blu-Ray, but Disney has chosen to only make the theatrical cut available. Find out more in our in-depth review.
Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit Live Blog (Saturday) live blogs the Disney Infinity Toy Box Summit being held in Salt Lake City
App Review: Minnie's Food Truck (Friday)
Rebekah reviews the latest app from Disney Publishing. Minnie's Food Truck is open for business.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'How to Build a Better Boy' Review (Friday)
Disney Channels' newest original movie How to Build a Better Boy premiers Friday August 15th. Find out if it's worth 90-minutes of your life in our review.
Disneyland Passholders Meet the Muppets (Aug 14)
Brittany shares the recent Disneyland Resort Annual Passholder screening of Muppets Most Wanted. The screening even included very special guest stars Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Album Review: EPCOT Center (Aug 14)
Marshal is back with another album review, this time of the classic EPCOT Center soundtrack. #RIPHorizons
Tokyo Disneyland Presents Garyo Gunbu (Aug 13)
James takes us on a journey over to Tokyo Disneyland to look at the new Summer show “Garyo Gunbu”.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad/Fun and Fancy Free' Blu-Ray Review (Aug 13)
The 2-Movie Collection of The Adventure of Ichabod and Mr. Toad and Fun and Fancy Free is a treat for fans of Disney Animation, with an extra special surprise bonus feature.
A Tribute to Robin Williams at Aladdin on Broadway, August 12th (Aug 13)
The August 12, 2014 performance of Disney's Aladdin on Broadway paid tribute to the recently deceased Robin Williams, the multi-talented actor who created the Genie character in the original 1992 Disney film.
Hosting a Pirate and Princess: Power of Doing Good Party (Aug 12)
As Disney Junior celebrates a summer of "Pirate and Princess: Power of Doing Good," Lauren shares how you can embrace the positive message with a special themed party fit for any Pirate or Princess.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Muppets Most Wanted' Blu-Ray Review (Aug 12)
Disney has assembled three different cuts of Muppets Most Wanted for the August 12th Blu-Ray release. Find out what the difference between them is in our in-depth review.
Believe It Or Not, We All Have Qualities Like Genie in Aladdin. (Aug 12)
Roger shares him memories of Disney Legend Robin Williams
Alex's Movie Blog: In Memory of Robin Williams (Aug 11)
We remember Robin Williams with a look back at his life and Disney career.
A Walk Thru Downtown Disney with a Special Flyby (Aug 11)
Jeremiah takes a stroll through Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney Podcast #215: I Am Groot (Aug 8)
This week the LPP look at Guardians of the Galaxy - the film and the toys! The also talk about an amazing Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. book, Phineas & Ferb Star Wars, Iger's Star Wars announcement, the future of Malestrom and FanBoy's trip on the reimagined Disney Magic. Then they cap it off with FanBoy's (ironic) tirade on a certain type of Disney nerd.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'The Hundred-Foot Journey' Review (Aug 8)
Touchstone presents Dreamworks' The Hundred-Foot Journey, now playing in theaters worldwide. Find out how this film about fusing Indian and French cuisine is similar to Ratatouille and if it's worth your time in Alex's latest review.
Alex and Ani Meet Disney (Aug 7)
Alana's class is in session as she teaches us all about the new Alex and Ani collection that is available at Disney Parks and
Primate Day at Disney's Animal Kingdom (Aug 7)
Jeremiah takes a look at Primate Day at Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Marshal Knight's Blog: CMA Fest Rocks Country Music and ABC (Aug 6)
Marshal recaps and reviews CMA Fest: Country's Night To Rock on ABC. Underwood and Lambert and Paisley...OH MY!
Review: Adventureland Trading Company (Aug 6)
Kyle tries out the new Adventureland Trading Company experience at Disneyland Park. Have you collected Jujus yet?
Disney Company 3rd Quarter Earnings Live Blog (Aug 5)
Disney Company 3rd Quarter Earnings Live Blog
A Look at Season 2 of Disney XD's Gravity Falls (Aug 4)
Take a look at Gravity Falls as the show heads into its Second Season on Disney XD
Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort Ribbon Cutting (Aug 4)
Jeremiah takes us to the ribbon cutting of the Four Season Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort.
FanBoy's Blog: Review: Marvel’s Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United (Aug 3)
FanBoy reviews the latest direct-to-home video release from Marvel. How does Marvel's Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United stack up?
Review: Disney Animation's Feast (Aug 1)
Kyle shares his review of Feast. The new short from Walt Disney Animation Studios will be shown with Big Hero 6 this fall.
Disney's Animal Kingdom Big Cats Day (Aug 1)
Jeremiah takes a look at how Disney's Animal Kingdom cares for its Big Cats.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Disney in NYC-Part 4: Disney Connections on Broadway (Aug 1)
Marshal finds the Disney connections with the musicals he saw while in NYC. Newsies isn't included on the list because...duh.
Guardians of the Galaxy Press Conference (Aug 1)
As Guardians of the Galaxy hits theaters, Doug shares pictures and video from a recent press conference regarding the film featuring the stars and writer/director James Gunn
FanBoy's Blog: Review: ABC's The Quest (Aug 1)
FanBoy did not go see Guardians of the Galaxy last night so he could stay home and review ABC's The Quest. Did he make the right call?
Review: Disney Storybook App (Jul 31)
Disney is finally making their read-along storybooks available via app. Rebekah reviews the new Disney Storybook App.
FanBoy's Blog: Review: Guardians of the Galaxy (Jul 31)
FanBoy reviews Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy. You're Welcome
Sneak Peek at the Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort (Jul 31)
Jeremiah takes a look and a taste at the new Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney World Resort.
Star Wars Scene Maker App Review (Jul 30)
Patrick returns with a review of the Star Wars Scene Maker app. Play the part of George Lucas as you can customize and change your favorite scenes from the Star Wars saga.
Walgreen's Princess Ariel Beauty Collection (Jul 30)
Alana takes a look at the Little Mermaid Cosmetic Collection that is available at Walgreens.
Disney Parks Blog Meet-Up - Guardians of the Galaxy (Jul 30)
Jeremiah shares his thoughts of Guardians of the Galaxy thanks to the Disney Parks Blog sneak peak!
A Look at the Disney's California Story Guided Tour (Jul 29)
Kyle Burbank shares his experience with the new guided tour at the Disneyland Resort. Find out what he thinks about the Disney California Story tour of Disney California Adventure.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars' Review (Jul 27)
The Star Wars universe just got bigger with Phineas & Ferb: Star Wars! Our review proves that Star Wars fans won't be disappointed by this collision of worlds.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Disney in NYC-Part 3: Disney Store in Times Square (Jul 25)

Marshal gives a tour of the Times Square Disney Store, which has a lack of Children's Place clothes, which is disappointing.

FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 8: Mykonos “Greece is the Word" (Jul 25)
FanBoy reports on Day 8 of his European Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney vacation.
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 7: Heraklion "Krazy for Knossos" (Jul 25)
FanBoy reports on Day 7 of his European Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney vacation.
San Diego Comic-Con Live Blog: Thursday (Jul 24)
Disney-related updates from San Diego Comic-Con 2014.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'The Beast Within' Review (Jul 23)
The Beast Within paints a captivating picture of the man who turned an old beggar woman away, only to be cursed to spend his life as a monster until he could learn to love and earn another's love in return.
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 6: "Rhodes Trip" (Jul 23)
FanBoy reports on Day 6 of his European Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney vacation.
Review: Planes: Fire & Rescue at Disney's El Captian Theatre (Jul 23)
Trisha reviews Disney's new animated feature Planes: Fire & Rescue, and the experience of seeing it at Disney's El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Disney in NYC-Part 2: The View (Jul 22)
Marshal reports from his experience seeing "The View" live. He is a little confused on why Debbie Matenopoulos wasn't hosting...
The Angels and the Outfield: SOAR Brings Awareness to How Resorts Help Residents (Jul 22)
Kyle reports on a recent event featuring SOAR (Support Our Anaheim Resorts) and baseball.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Disney in NYC-Part 1: Newsies (Jul 22)
Marshal starts his NYC Trip report with a look at Newsies on Broadway. For those curious, Ann-Margaret does not star.
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 5: Kusadasi “How Bazaar" (Jul 22)
FanBoy reports on Day 5 of his European Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney vacation.
Review: Planes Fire & Rescue Toys (Jul 18)
Rebekah reviews some of the new Disney Stores toys available for the new animated feature, Planes Fire & Rescue.
Planes: Fire & Rescue World Premiere (Jul 18)
Pictures and video interviews from the July 15, 2014 World Premiere of Planes: Fire & Rescue at Disney's El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood.
Disneyland Celebrates It's 59th Anniversary (Jul 18)
Coverage of Disneyland's 59th birthday on July 17, 2014. Includes a complete video of the birthday ceremony.
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 4: Athens "Zero to Hero" (Jul 18)
FanBoy reports on Day 4 of his European Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney vacation.
Live Blog: Disneyland's 59th Birthday (Jul 17)
We're live blogging events from Disneyland's 59th birthday today
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 3: Mediterranean Delights (Jul 17)
FanBoy's live report on Day 3 of his European Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney vacation.
Book Review: Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination (Jul 16)
Erin reviews a Walt Disney biography geared towards a younger audience, Walt Disney: Drawn From Imagination.
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 2: Cruisin' the Med (Jul 16)
FanBoy reports on day 2 of his European Disney Cruise and Adventures by Disney experience.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Planes: Fire & Rescue' Review (Jul 15)
Alex takes a look at Planes: Fire & Rescue, the only animated film to come from Disney this summer. Does it have the ability to soar as high as the first one?
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 1: Benvenito a bordo (Jul 15)
Disney Cruise / Adventures by Disney Day 1: Benvenito a bordo
A Look at Beautifully Disney Cosmetic Line (Jul 14)
Erin returns with her look at the Beautifully Disney cosmetic line that is now available at Disney Parks and
Legends of Fronterland: Gold Rush at Disneyland (Jul 11)
Kyle reports on the newest addition to Disneyland, the Legends of Fronterland: Gold Rush interactive game. Podcast #214: Tsumthing New (Jul 11)
This week the LPP remembers Dick Jones and discuss Transformers 4, Guardians of the Galaxy, Disneyland's new Alice in Wonderland and Nashville show, Once Upon a Time Frozen casting, Tsum Tsum, ABC Family's new shows and the live-action Dumbo. Plus, Get To Know Your LPP as they discuss their favorite sitcoms of all time.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Disney's Emmy Nominations~The Hits and Misses (Jul 10)
Marshal breaks down the nominations and snubs Disney received for the 66th Emmy Awards. Spoiler Alert: "Lucky 7" received none.
Disney's Hollywood Studios Goes Frozen for the Summer (Jul 10)
Jeremiah takes a break from the blistering Florida summer heat to take a lot at Disney's Hollywood Studios Frozen Summer.
‘Guardians’ Gets Promoted Around the Galaxy (Jul 9)
Kyle reports on to different sneak peeks at Guardians of the Galaxy. He shares his thoughts of both the Disney Parks experience as well as the recent 17 minute IMAX preview.
Review: Squish; Mickey Mouse Clubhouse App (Jul 9)
Rebekah, and her son Gideon, take a look at the new Squish: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse app from Disney Publishing.
A Guide to Piston Peak National Park From Planes: Fire & Rescue (Jul 8)
Doug's look at Planes: Fire & Rescue continues with an in-depth look at Piston Peak National Park, the setting of the film.
Review: How to Save Money At Walt Disney World (Jul 8)
Review: How to Save Money At Walt Disney World
Disney Parks Previews Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy (Jul 7)
Over the holiday weekend, Disney Parks premiered a special sneak peek of Guardians of the Galaxy at Disneyland Park and Disney's Hollywood Studios.
Alex's Movie Blog: Disney Tsum Tsum: An Addict's Tale (Jul 7)
Alex dives into the psyche of his latest addiction, Disney Tsum Tsum, and the reasons why he isn't trying that hard to break this habit.
Introduction to the World of Planes: Fire & Rescue (Jul 6)
Doug begins our coverage of Planes: Fire & Rescue with a look of the world the film.
Alice in Wonderland Reopens at Disneyland (Jul 4)
Doug reports on the reopened Alice in Wonderland attraction at Disneyland. The attraction features new show effects that were installed the same time as safety improvements.
Disney Consumer Products Previews Holiday Products (Jul 3)
Rebecca got a sneak peek at some of the Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars products coming this holiday season. Which of these items will be on your Christmas list?
Marshal Knight's Blog: ABC: "We Got Trouble, My Friends!" (Jul 3)
Marshal deconstructs the craziness over at ABC...not even a new Hallmark Hall of Fame film can stop this downfall.
Disneyland Resort Photo Update 7/2/14 (Jul 2)
Doug shares a look around Disneyland and Disney California Adventure including looks at the refurbishment of Club 33, Alice in Wonderland, and the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage
D23 Celebrates Fess Parker Winery (Jul 2)
Kyle reports on a recent D23 event held in Hollywood to celebrate Fess Parker Winery. The event celebrated the Disney Legend best known for his role as Davy Crockett.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'The Legacy Collection: The Lion King' Review (Jul 1)
Walt Disney Records recently launched a new series called "The Legacy Collection," which preserves entire film scores and adds never-before heard bonus tracks. To kickoff the line, check out our review of The Lion King.
A Look At Disney Store Star Wars Plush And More (Jun 30)
Patrick continues his look at some of the Star Wars merchandise now available at Disney Store.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Disney Deal Breakers & Makers (Jun 30)
Marshal takes a page from the LPP and discusses his personal Deal Breakers and Makers. While not included, if you enjoy "Stitch's Great Escape," please leave this website immediately.
In Circulation: The Art of the Disney Golden Books (Jun 28)
In her latest review, Erin examines Charles Solomon's The Art of the Disney Golden Books. Do you have a favorite Disney Golden Book? Podcast #213: Se7en (Jun 27)
The LPP discuss their thoughts on Frozen the Musical, answer a listener question on what a Disney fan should do on their first Disneyland visit, FanBoy's visit to the Licensing Expo, new Disney Channel TV shows, the new Legacy Collection CDs and a very fun conversation on the crew's various Deal Breaker and Deal Maker Disney activities.
Kyle's Review: Girl Meets World (Jun 27)
Boy Meets World fan checks-in on Girl Meets World, which premieres tonight on Disney Channel. Does he feel the spinoff lives up to the original?
Doug's Look at E3 2014 Continues With Kingdom Hearts, Disney Infinity, and Fantasia: Music Evolved (Jun 26)
Doug Marsh's look at E3 continues with Fantasia: Music Evolved, Kingdom Hearts, and Disney Infinity Accessories.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Zapped' DCOM Review (Jun 26)
Zapped, the newest Disney Channel Original Movie, is a fun film that is reminiscent of the DCOM's of the early 2000's.
"It All Started With A Mouse' Disney's Animal Kingdom's Newest Show (Jun 25)
Jeremiah captures one of the first showings of the new Disney's Animal Kingdom show 'It All Started With A Mouse'
In Circulation: Once Upon a Dream: From Perrault's Sleeping Beauty to Disney's Maleficent (Jun 25)
Erin's next review is Charles Solomon's Once Upon a Dream: From Perrault's Sleeping Beauty to Disney's Maleficent. Learn the history behind a franchise that is at once a Disney classic and a recent blockbuster.
Disney Is Licensing King (Jun 24)
FanBoy reports on Disney's presence at the 2014 Licensing Expo. He shares what he learned from Josh Silverman, Executive Vice President, Global Licensing. Find out what's next for Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel products.
Downtown Disney 'Trucks on the Town' Food Truck Event (Jun 24)
Jeremiah takes a look at the first 'Trucks on the Town' food truck meet at Downtown Disney.
A Walk in the Park - Magic Kingdom (Jun 23)
Jeremiah takes us for a walk around the Magic Kingdom
MEV Vacation Tips: Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party (Dec 11, 2012)
Melissa splurges on the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party and tells you all about it.

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