Easter at the Magic Kingdom (Sunday)
Experience Easter at the Magic Kingdom with the Easter Pre-Parade. We also have pictures of the Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny meet-and greet.
Disney Parks Easter Egg Hunt (Sunday)
To celebrate Easter we are sharing our coast-to-coast report on Disney Parks' Easter Egg hunt which is taking place at Disneyland, Disney California Adventure, and Epcot.
Maleficent Preview at Disney Parks (Saturday)
We offer a coast-to-coast look at the Maleficent sneak previews being hosted at Disney California Adventure and Disney Hollywood Studios.
Alex's Movie Blog: Disneynature 'Bears' Review (Friday)
Our review of Disneynature's Bears shares the reasons why you should take a trip to your local cineplex to see this heartwarming story of a momma bear who will do everything she can to keep her cubs alive in the harsh Alaskan wilderness.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Scandal Finale Recap: OLIVIA SAY WHAT?! (Thursday)
Marshal freaks out over the explosive (literally), killer (literally) and passionate (literally) Scandal Season 3 finale that will have everyone questioning everything. About the show, themselves, and the amount of calories that comes with downing a bottle of red wine and eating 14 bags of popcorn.
FanBoy's Blog: Disney Investor Day at ESPN Live Blog (Thursday)
FanBoy live blogs Disney's Investor Day at ESPN in Bristol, CT. ESPN has been the focus of a lot of investor's attention as they face increased competition, raising rights fees, and "cord-cutting." ESPN is using today to show investors that they are still the worldwide leader in sports.
Guardians of the Galaxy: Risky But Right (Wednesday)
New contributor Cameron takes a look at the history of Guardians of the Galaxy and the role they will play in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe
FanBoy's Blog: Agents of...Nothing? (Wednesday)
After last night's two hour Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. FanBoy looks at where the agents are headed now that it appears that there is no more S.H.I.E.L.D. Are they Agents of Nothing? How will they survive?
Sneak Peek Screening of Disneynature Bears with Jane Goodall and John C. Reilly (Tuesday)
Rebecca reports on an early Bears screening held in New York with Jane Goodall and John C. Reilly
Marshal Knight's Blog: Dancing With The Stars Recap: Disney Night/Week 5 (Apr 14)
Marshal recaps the magical evening in the ballroom that was Disney Night. He discusses the hits, the misses, the bad covers of Disney Classics and, of course, Nene Leakes' hair.
Nintendo's Disney Magical World Launch Event (Apr 14)
Rebecca reports on the launch event for Nintendo's Disney Magical World. The New York event featured Genevieve Hannelius, of Disney Channel's "Dog with a Blog" Disney Podcast #208: Hail Disney (Apr 14)
This week the LPP Crew answer a FastPass+ Twitter question, talk about Small World's 50th, remember  Mickey Rooney and look at a new book about how Disney helps autistic children. Finally, they have an extended, spoiler filled discussion about Captain America, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Walt Disney World's "it's a small world" Celebration (Apr 14)
Our complete recap of the Magic Kingdom's celebration of the 50th anniversary of "it's a small world". The festivities included a part in the global sing-along as well as various atmosphere entertainers performing the song.
Mouse Madness Crowns a Champion (Apr 14)
In an upset, The Mighty Ducks defeated Sport Goofy to become the champion of our inaugural Mouse Madness.
"it's a small world" Celebrates 50 Years at Disneyland (Apr 11)
Roger shares pictures and video from yesterday's "it's a small world" celebration at Disneyland.
Disney Invites Start-Ups to Dream With Them (Apr 11)
Kyle covers a recent Disney-hosted event at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, California for tech start-up founders to come hear more about the Disney Accelerator program.
"it's a small world" 50th Anniversary Live Blog (Apr 10)
Follow along as we live blog the 50th anniversary celebration of "it's a small world"
"it's a small world" Facts and Figures (Apr 9)
On the eve of the big "its a small world" celebration, Erin shares some fun facts about the classic attractions.
Review: Star Wars: Honor Among Theives (Apr 9)
Our resident Star Wars expert, Patrick Hurd, reviews the new novel Honor Among Thieves.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Dancing With The Stars Recap: Week 4 (Apr 9)
Marshal foxtrots his way into Week 4 of Dancing With The Stars, recapping the first ever Switch week. Included are a Cody Simpson insult, Derek Hough love and 2 Nene Leakes hairstyles.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Top 5 "It's A Small World" Covers (Apr 8)
Marshal enters the boat, keeping his hands, arms, feet and legs inside, as he travels the globe looking for the best covers of the beloved song. Did your favorite make this list?
Disney Infinity: The Basics – Let the Adventure Begin! (Apr 8)
Erin goes back to basics with Disney Infinity
FanBoy's Blog: The State of the Marvel Cinematic Universe Is... (Apr 8)
FanBoy looks at the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe following the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. How will the events of the film shape Avengers: Age of Ultron and Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
"it's a small doll" (After All) (Apr 7)
As part of celebration of the 50th anniversary of "it's a small world" Erin looks at the collectable dolls available from Disney Store
Alex's Movie Blog: Once Upon a Spin-Off - A Post-Series Overview of 'Once Upon a Time in Wonderland' (Apr 7)
Alex takes a look at Once Upon a Time in Wonderland as a whole now that it's over, addressing its strengths, weaknesses, and how these characters could impact Once Upon a Time going forward.
Mouse Madness Championship - The Mighty Ducks vs. Sport Goofy (Apr 7)
The Championship Matchup has arrived. As oddsmakers predicted, Sport Goofy defeated Disney Mini-Golf to advance to the final. But in an upset, The Mighty Ducks edged Cool Runnings to move on. Who will this final matchup and be declared Mouse Madness: Disney Sports Champion?
Grand Style Easter Eggs (Apr 7)
Jeremiah looks at some amazing Easter Eggs currently on display at Disney's Grand Floridan Resort & Spa
Mouse Madness Final Four (Apr 5)
The Final Four is finally here. You decide who'll faceoff in Monday's final. Below vote on The Mighty Ducks vs Cool Runnings and Sport Goofy vs Disney Mini Golf. The winners will matchup in the final. Disney Podcast #207: NSFW (Apr 4)
The whole LPP Crew is back together for a wild and winding edition of the LPP featuring Aladdin on Broadway, Maker Studios, Destination D (and their interesting sweepstakes), Muppets at the El Cap, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America, The Pirate Fairy, the new Big Thunder Mountain, MyMagic+ (of course), a discussion of a third Disney resort in the USA, the Lilly Belle, Josh Elliot and ... more!
Kingdom Keepers Come To Disneyland (Apr 4)
The Kingdom Keepers go to Disneyland! Kyle reports on a recent book reading by the author Ridley Pearson and shares what he learns about the Kingdom Keepers saga.
FanBoy's Blog: Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Apr 3)
FanBoy tries to review Captain America: The Winter Soldier without spoiling it.
Celebrate National Tweed Day The Disney Way (Apr 3)
Celebrate National Tweed Day the Disney way with a special tribute to The Fox and the Hound's Widow Tweed.
Mouse Madness Quarterfinals: Miracle vs. Cool Runnings (Apr 3)
The Mighty Ducks cruised to an easy victory over Gus to win the Fictional Movie Region. What movie Non-Fiction movie will it go up against in the Final Four - Miracle or Cool Runnings?
Alex's Movie Blog: Countdown to Cap: A Marvel Universe ReCAP (Apr 3)
Alex recaps the story so far of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Get caught up before you see Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Springtime Roundup at Disneyland (Apr 3)
Doug reports on the new Springtime Roundup at Disneyland's Big Thunder Ranch
Mouse Madness Quarterfinals: Gus vs. The Mighty Ducks (Apr 2)
Half of the Final Four is now set with Sport Goofy and Disney Mini-Golf. What will be the Fictional Movie regional winner - Gus or The Mighty Ducks?
Marshal Knight's Blog: Dancing With The Stars Recap: Week 3 (Apr 2)
Marshal descends down into the ballroom via mirror ball to recap Week 3, "Your Most Memorable Year", on Dancing with the Stars. Big Nene Leakes hair news is revealed!
FanBoy's Blog: Countdown To Cap: S.H.I.E.L.D. Is All Connected (Apr 1)
Our countdown to Captain America: The Winter Solider continues with a look at the latest episode of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. What clues does the show provide us to the state of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we head into the film.
Mouse Madness Quarterfinals: Toy Story Mania vs. Disney Mini-Golf (Apr 1)
What will face Sport Goofy, the Disney Athlete Regional winner in the Final Four - Toy Story Mania or Disney Mini-Golf? Which will be the Disney Parks Regional winner?
In Circulation: The Art of Frozen (Apr 1)
Erin reviews the new "Art of" book for Disney's highest grossing animated film of all time, Frozen.
Pirate Fairy Round-up (Apr 1)
An interview with Tom Hiddleston and Christina Hendricks from the D23 Expo and a look at some Fairies merchandise are include in our Pirate Fairy roundup
FanBoy's Blog: Countdown to Cap: The Toys (Mar 31)
Our countdown to Captain America week begins with a look at some of the toys that are available to support the movie.
Mouse Madness Quarterfinals: Air Bud vs. Sport Goofy (Mar 31)
Our first quarterfinal matchup pits two very versatile stars. Which will represent the Disney Athlete region in the Final Four?
Why Disney Should "Beyonce" Star Wars (Mar 31)
Kyle proposes that Disney takes a cue from Beyonce in its release strategy for Star Wars: Episode VII.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'The Pirate Fairy' Blu-Ray Review (Mar 31)
The latest installment of the Disney Fairies series finds Tinker Bell and her friends facing off against one of their own who has joined a crew of Never Land pirates. Alex's in-depth review covers everything included in this home video release, as well as what's missing.
Alex's Movie Blog: Movie Week: The Pirate Fairy Red Carpet Premiere (Mar 29)
Alex recaps the red carpet premier of The Pirate Fairy, complete with interviews from the event.
Mouse Madness Opening Round: The Rookie vs. Cool Runnings (Mar 29)
Mouse Madness Opening Round: The Rookie vs. Cool Runnings
Treasures Of The Walt Disney Archives In Chicago (Mar 28)
Wendy provides a look inside the Treasures of the Walt Disney Archives exhibit which is currently at Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Forgotten Disney Channel Greats: Battle of the Belles (Mar 28)
Marshal begins a series highlighting some of his favorite Disney Channel singers that have been pushed a side in favor of the bigger stars to come out of the channel. Shia LeBouf will NEVER be featured. Ever.
Mouse Madness Opening Round: Gus vs. High School Musical (Mar 27)
The Disney Parks regional final is complete, it'll be Toy Story Mania vs Disney Mini Golf. Now - What will face The Mighty Ducks in the Fictional Movie final?
Movie Week: The State of Lucasfilm (Mar 27)
LaughingPlace's movie week continues with Patrick's examination of the state of Lucasfilm following the Disney acquisition. He looks at the moves Disney has made so far as well as looking toward what Disney's plans are for the future.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Demi & Miley: 2 Very Different Concerts (Mar 27)
Marshal compares and contrasts Demi Lovato and Miley Cyrus' newest live concert experiences. There was a lack of Jonas Brothers between both, however.
Review: Dispatch From Disneyland (Mar 26)
Kyle reviews John Frost's new book Dispatch from Disneyland
Mouse Madness Opening Round: runDisney vs. Disney Mini Golf (Mar 26)
The Disney Athlete regional final is complete, it'll be Sport Goofy vs Air Bud. What will face Toy Story Mania in the Disney Parks final?
Marshal Knight's Blog: Dancing with the Stars Recap: Week 2 (Mar 26)
Marshal analyzes (a little too much) Week 2 in the ballroom. Are there any dances worthy of your votes? Will the new twist work? Is there a reason Billy Dee Williams is still on?
FanBoy's Blog: Movie Week: A Look Ahead To Big Hero 6 (Mar 25)
Movie Week continues with FanBoy's look ahead to the next film from Walt Disney Animation Studios, Big Hero 6.
FanBoy's Blog: PaleyFest: Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Mar 25)
FanBoy recaps the Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. panel that was held in Hollywood as part of PaleyFest. Find out which cast member has a secret identity.
Mouse Madness Opening Round: Nanu vs. Air Bud (Mar 25)
The first half of the opening round is now complete. In our closest matchup yet, Miracle just edged Remember the Titans in the Non-Fiction Films category joining Sport Goofy, Toy Story Mania and The Mighty Ducks in the quarterfinals. Today we're back to the Disney Atheletes category to see who'll be facing Sport Goofy in the next round.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Album Review: Muppets Most Wanted (Mar 25)
Marshal tries to make a Rainbow Connection and reviews the new soundtrack for Muppets Most Wanted. There are no tracks by Bean, however.
FanBoy's Blog: Movie Week: A Preview of Maleficent (Mar 24)
LaughingPlace's Movie Week begins with FanBoys report on D23's Maleficent preview.
Paley Fest: Lost Celebrates 10 Years (Mar 24)
Kyle reports on Paley Fest's Lost 10th Anniversary panel. Relive this milestone ABC show that changed the television landscape.
In Circulation: Mary Blair (Mar 24)
Erin looks at some of the books available that take a deep look in to the life and works of Mary Blair
Mouse Madness Opening Round: Remember the Titans vs. Miracle (Mar 24)
Our fourth matchup in the opening round comes from the Non-Fiction Disney Films region. Which will survive and advance to the quarterfinals: It's up to you!
Marshal Knight's Blog: Dancing With The Stars Recap: Week 1 (Mar 24)
Marshal travels into the ballroom to judge the new season of Dancing with the Stars. Who are the early favorites to take home the coveted Mirror Ball Trophy?
Alex's Movie Blog: Most Wanted Part 3: It's the Disney Show with your host, Kermit! (Mar 23)
Continuing our excitement over Disney's Muppets: Most Wanted, Alex takes a look back into the history of these classic characters and how they ended up part of the Disney cavalcade of characters. Part three covers Disney's acquisition of the characters and all of the productions that have occurred since. Disney Podcast #206: Annual Meeting Recap (Mar 21)
In this special episode, the Doobie and FanBoy discuss this week's Annual Meeting including the big announcements and the always-fun Q&A. They also spend a little time talk Muppets: Most Wanted and Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe.
Alex's Movie Blog: Magic, Color, Flair: The World of Mary Blair (Mar 21)
We recently toured the new special exhibit at The Walt Disney Family Museum that celebrates the life and art of Mary Blair. Our review provides a breakdown of what the exhibit entails and the rare artwork on display.
Mouse Madness Opening Round: Angels in the Outfield vs. The Mighty Ducks (Mar 21)
Our third matchup in the opening round comes from the Fictional Disney Films region. Which will survive and advance to the quarterfinals: It's up to you!
FanBoy's Blog: Muppets Most Wanted Merchandise Now Available (Mar 21)
Muppets Most Wanted Merchandise Now Available
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Muppets Most Wanted' Review (Mar 21)
Muppets Most Wanted hits theaters on March 21st. Find out how it compares to previous Muppet films and what makes it special in Alex's review.
Report From The Muppets Sing-A-Long (Mar 20)
We have a report from the interactive The Muppets sing-a-long held in New York with Bret McKenzie and Walter.
Alex's Movie Blog: Most Wanted Part 2: When Kermit Met Mickey (Mar 20)
Continuing our excitement over Disney's Muppets: Most Wanted, Alex takes a look back into the history of these classic characters and how they ended up part of the Disney cavalcade of characters. Part two covers Jim Henson's intentions to sell to Disney, his passing, and Disney's partnership and eventual dismissal of the characters in the 1990's.
Mouse Madness Opening Round: All Star Sports vs. Toy Story Mania (Mar 20)
Our second matchup in the opening round comes from the Disney Parks region as a sports themed hotel goes up against an interactive attraction.
Life at The Walt Disney Studios: Mary Blair's Contributions (Mar 20)
Erin continues her look at Mary Blair with a focus on her work at the Disney Studios
Alex's Movie Blog: Most Wanted Part 1: Kermit Before Mickey (Mar 19)
In anticipation of Disney's Muppets: Most Wanted, Alex takes a look back into the history of these classic characters and how they ended up part of the Disney cavalcade of characters. Part one takes you from the first appearance of Kermit through the 1980's when Henson was looking for a way to reinvigorate his lovable characters.
Mouse Madness Opening Round: Sport Goofy vs Lightning McQueen (Mar 19)
Our opening matching in Mouse Madness: Disney Sports pits a Pixar hero against a Disney classic.
The Life Behind the Color: A Brief Biography of Mary Blair (Mar 19)
New contributor Erin Stough looks at the early life and career of Disney Legend Mary Blair
FanBoy's Blog: Shareholder Meeting Recap (Mar 18)
FanBoy recaps the 2014 Walt Disney Company shareholder meeting.
Alex's Movie Blog: 'Saving Mr. Banks' Blu-Ray Review (Mar 18)
Disney's critically acclaimed film Saving Mr. Banks portrays a different kind of magic than the Mary Poppins we all grew up with. Check out our review to find out if Disney  has treated the film properly on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital.
A Walk Around Disneyland (Mar 18)
Doug takes a walk around Disneyland and photos the updates, refurbs and other interesting sights.
FanBoy's Blog: A Look Ahead to Tomorrow's Disney Shareholder Meeting (Mar 17)
FanBoy is in Portland ready for tomorrow's shareholder meeting. He shares some questions that he hopes are asked of Disney's leadership.
An Early Look at "Fantasia: Music Evolved" (Mar 17)
Roger was able to take an early look at the game "Fantasia: Music Evolved."
WDW Downtown Disney Update (Mar 17)
Jeremiah takes a trip to Downtown Disney. He takes a look at the St. Patrick's Day festivities as well as the ongoing work to convert Downtown Disney into Disney Springs.
Inaugural Mouse Madness Selections Revealed (Mar 16)
The Selection Committee have announced the 2014 Mouse Madness Bracket. Found out how you can help crown a champion.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Breaking Down the Festival of Fantasy Parade (Mar 16)
As only he can, Marshal breaks down the newest entry into the Wonderful World of Parades. RIP Castle Float. Disney Podcast #205: Mouse Madness (Mar 14)
This week the LPP talk about the Captain America: Winter Soldier red carpet, the departure of Disney exec Anne Sweeney and what it means for Disney's CEO hunt, Disney Channel past and present, and Starbucks and the future of Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney. Plus listener voicemail, email and Twitter questions, FanBoy's amazing Frontierland/Tomorrowland revelation, 50 words or less on Non-Stop and the announement of the brackets for our Mouse Madness Best of Disney Tournament.
Big Thunder Mountain Reopens at Disneyland (Mar 14)
Doug takes a look at the recently reopened Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland
The Pirate Fairy at the El Capitan Theatre (Mar 14)
Kyle stops by The El Capitan Theatre to experience their The Pirate Fairy screening.
Celebrate Pi Day, Disney Style (Mar 14)
Rebekah shares Disney moments that fit the festive celebration of Pi Day
Dapper Day at the Magic Kingdom (Mar 14)
We take a quick look at Dapper Day in the Magic Kingdom
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Review (Mar 13)
As everyone looks forward to Star Wars: Episode VII, we take a step back and look at Star Wars: The Clone Wars which recently had its run completed on Netflix.
Report on Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival (Mar 13)
Jeremiah shares what he learned at the recent Epcot International Flower and Garden Media Day.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Reviewing Hollywood Records' Newest (Mar 13)
Marshal looks at some of Hollywood Records' newest singles. This does not include Yanni.
FanBoy's Blog: Review of Captain Marvel #1 (Mar 12)
FanBoy reviews Captain Marvel #1, part of the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative at Marvel comics.
Alex's Movie Blog: Frozen Blu-Ray Review (Mar 12)
Frozen arrives on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 18th. Our in-depth review covers everything from how the film looks and bonus features to the packaging and menus. Has Disney given Frozen the home video treatment it deserves?
Festival of Fantasy Media Day (Mar 12)
Jeremiah provides more coverage of the Festival of Fantasy parade from the recent media day at the Magic Kingdom
Alex's Movie Blog: Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo Blu-Ray Review (Mar 11)
Disney's Blu-Ray release of Winnie the Pooh: Springtime With Roo arrives just in time for Easter. Is this direct-to-video film from 2004 worth revisiting? Find out in Alex's in-depth review.
Downtown Disney Anaheim Opens Distinctive Starbucks Coffee Shop (Mar 11)

Doug attends the grand opening of the new Starbucks at Disneyland's Downtown Disney then tours the coffee giant's newest location.

Festival of Fantasy Parade (Mar 10)
A photo look at the Magic Kingdom's Festival of Fantasy Parade
FanBoy's Blog: Resurrection Brings New Life to ABC (Mar 10)
FanBoy looks at last night's premiere of ABC's Resurrection. Did you watch?
Alex's Movie Blog: Once Upon a Time's Wicked Return (Mar 10)
ABC's Once Upon a Time returned on March 9th after a nearly three-month break. Alex recaps last night's episode and shares the questions he feels are left unanswered.
Quick Look: Festival of Fantasy Parade Images and Video (Mar 9)
A quick look at the debut of the Magic Kingdom's Festival of Fantasy parade including a copy of our live stream of the parade's premiere. We'll have a more in-depth look on Monday.
A First-Hand Report from AMC's Guardians of the Galaxy Chat (Mar 9)
Kyle attends AMC Theatres live talk with key members of the Guardians of the Galaxy crew. AMC talks with star Chris Pratt, director James Gunn, and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.
A Report from the 2014 Princess Half Marathon Weekend (Mar 8)
Kevin provides a great report from the events that comprised the 2014 Princess Half Marathon Weekend at the Walt Disney World Resort.
"Spring Forward" with Disney's Animal Kingdom (Mar 7)
Jeremiah "Springs Forward" at a special celebration at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Learn about the frog festivities held at Rafiki's Planet Watch
Alex's Movie Blog: App to Date - Review of "Frozen: Storybook Deluxe" (Mar 7)
The children's book adaptation of Disney's Frozen is now available as an interactive app called Frozen: Storybook Deluxe. Alex explores the storytelling choices and interactive components of one of Disney's latest app creations. Disney Podcast #204: Touche (Mar 7)
The LPP is back in full force with an Oscar wrap, Frozen love, Disney Animation's second renaissance and an interesting discussion of the culture of Pixar and how it bodes for their future. They also dissect Disney princesses, Disney Movies Anywhere, answer your Twitter questions and announce the first annual Mouse Madness reader's choice tournament.
FanBoy's Disney News Report: March 6, 2014 (Mar 6)
Today FanBoy goes from China to Captain America while also touching on the latest developments at Walt Disney World and Disney Interactive
FanBoy's Blog: The Inhumans Are Coming (Mar 6)
FanBoy looks at the upcoming Inhumans Marvel comic book series.
A Look at the 2014 Epcot Flower & Garden Festival (Mar 6)
Jeremiah shares photos of his walk in the park during Epcot's Flower & Garden Festival.
LP Attends a Broadcast in Hollywood... (Mar 6)
Doug Marsh couldn't make the Academy Awards, but he did manage to go to the After Oscar edition of Live with Kelly and Michael the next morning - also held in the Dolby Theater.
Captain America Arrives at Disneyland (Mar 5)
Captain America comes to the Disneyland Resort.  Take a look at his new quarters inside Innoventions.
Marshal Knight's Blog: The Pitch: Late Night for Disney Channel (Mar 5)
Marshal tries his hand at pitching a Late Night program for Disney Channel...and it's not Vault Disney.
FanBoy's Disney News Report: March 4, 2014 (Mar 4)
In today's show FanBoy reports on Dancing with the Stars, John Travolta, and Disney's response to shareholder concerns.
The Hub Transformation Has Begun (Mar 4)
Jeremiah takes a look at the major changes coming to the Magic Kingdom's hub and the work that's already began.
Alex's Movie Blog: Directors of Animation Then and Now (Mar 4)
What was it like to be an animation director working for Walt? Alex shares the stories told by Disney historian Don Peri and Pixar director Pete Docter at a presentation they recently gave at the Walt Disney Family Museum.
FanBoy's Blog: The Return of "Win, Lose, Or Draw" (Mar 4)
FanBoy looks back at the history of the Win, Lose, or Draw franchise while also looking at the Disney Channel revival
Marshal Knight's Blog: Album Review: Bambi (Mar 4)
Marshal is back with another album review, this time for the soundtrack to Bambi. Moment of silence for Bambi's mother...
FanBoy's Disney News Report: March 3, 2014 (Mar 3)
In today's episode, Fanboy celebrates the Oscars and the new Dish Network deal.  He also looks forward to tomorrow's uprising.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Top 10 Moments from the 2014 Oscars (Mar 3)
Marshal lists his Top 10 moments from the 2014 Academy Awards. The real Philomena would've made the list if she zip-lined into the Dolby Theater, in case you were wondering.
Changes Are Coming to the Polynesian Resort (Mar 3)
Jeremiah writes about Walt Disney World's Polynesian Resort with pictures of the major changes, already underway, and a walking tour of the grounds.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Scandal and Nashville Recaps (Mar 3)
Marshal recaps the Winter premieres of both Scandal and Nashville separately, but don't you kind of wish they were one show so Rayna James and Olivia Pope could do a duet of Jolene?
FanBoy's Blog: Oscars Live Blog (Mar 2)
FanBoy is live-blogging the Oscars.  Keep refreshing to see reports during Hollywood's biggest night from a Disney fan perspective.
Oscar Week: The Academy's Animated Feature Oscar Nominee Symposium (Mar 2)
Roger attended an Academy event featuring all five Best Animated Feature nominees.  The filmmakers discussed how their films were developed, revealed their creative processes, and presented clips illustrating their techniques.  Find out what Roger found out.
Oscar Week: The LaughingPlace Crew Share Their Oscar Picks (Mar 1) contributors share their picks for this years Oscars.  Whose ballot do you think will win the LP Oscar pool?
Alex's Movie Blog: Frobros - An Analysis of Why Men Love 'Frozen' (Feb 28)
Are you a man who loves Frozen? Alex explores the psychological reasons why the story may resonate with men who typically wouldn't obsess over a Disney princess movie.
Merida Joins Disney on Ice in Rockin' Ever After! (Feb 28)
Doobie talks to Brave director Mark Andrews and Producer Katherine Sarafian about their film and the Disney on Ice debut of Princess Merida in Rockin' Ever After, currently performing in Oakland and on tour around the country.
FanBoy's Blog: Oscar Week: The Nominees Disney Connections (Feb 28) has compiled a list of Disney connections for this year's Academy Award nominees.  Do you remember their Disney related work? Disney Podcast #203: Oscar Special (Feb 28)
Oscar Special: In this special episode the LPP crew, using their extensive knowledge of cinema, give their highly informed pics for each Oscar category. They also sprinkle in tons of Disney connections for the nominees that you almost certainly didn't know. Plus, a special cameo from Gideon!
A Walk Around Walt Disney World (Feb 27)
Take a walk around Walt Disney World with more 60 pictures taken this week in all four parks.
Alex's Movie Blog: Mickey's Neighbor Totoro - The History of Disney and Studio Ghibli (Feb 27)
In anticipation of Disney's presentation of The Wind Rises, Alex explores Disney's partnership with Japanese animation company Studio Ghibli and how the "mouse house" has played a crucial role in creating mass appeal for their films.
FanBoy's Blog: Review: Mixology (Feb 27)
FanBoy reviews Mixology on ABC.  Find out if this is finally the show to strike gold in the post-Modern Family time slot.
A First Hand Report from Today's Frozen Sing-A-Long (Feb 26)
Rebecca McBride provides a first hand report of what it was like to be at today's Frozen Sing-A-Long on Good Morning America.
FanBoy's Blog: Review: ABC's Mind Games (Feb 26)
FanBoy shares his thoughts on ABC's Mind Games.  Can he use techniques to get you to watch?
Alex's Movie Blog: Disney Movies Anywhere - A Review of Disney's New Streaming Service (Feb 25)
Alex looks at the new watch-your-movies-anywhere service Disney announced this morning. Is it right for you?
Dapper Day 2014 at Disneyland (Feb 25)
Doug Marsh goes dapper and gets more than 135 pictures from the 2014 Dapper Day at Disneyland including dozens of guests going dapper, Disneybounding and creating new "vintage" photos.
FanBoy's Blog: Thor: The Dark World Blu-Ray (Feb 25)
FanBoy shares what he learned from the Blu-Ray of Thor: The Dark World.  The film which serves as a sequel to both Thor and Marvel's The Avengers features an insightful audio commentary.  See some of the things you can learn about the creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
FanBoy's Disney News Report: February 24, 2014 (Feb 24)
In today's report, FanBoy looks at Magic Kingdom announcements, ESPN's latest 30 for 30, and the Oscars.  
Oscar Week: Frozen's Art of Animation (Feb 24)
Kyle looks at the acting behind the animation in Frozen.  Learn the detail that goes in to every shot.  You will gain a greater appreciation of the animators who are actors with computers.
Mechanized Kingdoms Exhibit At Disneyland's Disney Gallery (Feb 24)
Roger looks at the newest Disney Gallery exhibit "Mechanized Kingdoms - Steam-Driven Visions of a Victorian Future" featuring plenty of Tokyo DisneySea models.
Marshal Knight's Blog: And the Oscar goes to...COMEDY (Feb 24)
Marshal reveals his Top 5 funniest Oscar moments from the recent ceremonies. Unfortunately, Eddie Murphy backing out of hosting didn't make the list.
Alex's Movie Blog: Oscar Week: 'The Wind Rises' Review (Feb 24)
Miyazaki's final film is a departure from his typical fantasy film that will give Frozen a worthy competitor at the Academy Awards. Alex reviews the latest release from Studio Ghibli, which is now playing in select cities and opens nationwide on February 28th from Touchstone Pictures.
Marshal Knight's Blog: Let's Get Loud! (Feb 23)
Marshal urges Disney to bring back the ancient idea of concerts being filmed at the parks. Ancient meaning 1999.
FanBoy's Blog: The Future of Marvel's Ultimate Comics (Feb 21)
FanBoy looks at the future of Marvel's Ultimate Comics.  Will the line survive the cataclysm?
Marshal Knight's Blog: Album Review: Walt Disney's Happiest Songs (Feb 21)
Marshal starts a series of vinyl record reviews for the site, beginning with Walt Disney's Happiest Songs. He kjfnerjbvke it! (Sorry, there must have been a scratch on the record...)
FanBoy's Blog: Toy Fair: Guardians of the Galaxy (Feb 21)
FanBoy looks at some of the Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy toys that were previewed at Toy Fair Disney Podcast #202: Cats (Feb 21)
The LPP return this week with talk of Guardians of the Galaxy, Toy Fair and Blackfish. Plus Twitter questions and Getting to Know your LPPe Crew. Note: The beginning of the podcast sounds like we're in a bathroom. We did correct that about 10 minutes in.
FanBoy's Blog: Toy Fair: Star Wars Rebels (Feb 20)
Toy Fair: Star Wars Rebels
Alex's Movie Blog: 'The Jungle Book 2' Blu-Ray Review (Feb 20)
Our Jungle Book coverage comes to an end with Alex's look at the March 18th Blu-Ray/DVD re-release of The Jungle Book 2.
FanBoy's Blog: Toy Fair: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Feb 20)
Toy Fair: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
MEV Vacation Tips: Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party (Dec 11, 2012)
Melissa splurges on the Tomorrowland Terrace Fireworks Dessert Party and tells you all about it.

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