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2015 16-Month Official Walt Disney World Calendar

Mickey Icon Hanging Ornament - White with Bottom Bow

Mickey Icon Ornaments Electric Christmas Candle

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Disney Trip Countdown
Trips in 121 - 250 Days

# When Days To Go Who Location Date Added Details
1 4/4/15
7 days
132 Moms Treat Walt Disney World 6/29/14 Back to the Fort!
2 4/8/15
5 days
136 Disneylover1411 Disney Cruise 8/26/14 My first cruise (I don't remember the exact days)
3 4/18/15
8 days
146 Tink60 Disneyland Resort 4/5/13 Alyssa's 10 trip. Alyssa, Brandon, Mom, Dad, Papa, and Mammaw. This is the last 10 trip. All the grands have reached the magic Birthday.
4 4/22/15
4 days
150 Jordanb Disneyland Resort 6/8/14 Celebrating our baby girl's first birthday at the Happiest Place on Earth.
5 4/23/15
14 days
151 Lilogirl Walt Disney World 6/28/14 Back again, staying at OKW, can't wait to be back at happiest most magical place on earth!!!
6 5/6/15
11 days
164 BSG_Minnie Walt Disney World 3/17/14 Hubby, me, daughter, son, grandson, girlfriend of son. 2nd trip for hubby and me...1st trip for everyone else. Cannot wait!!
7 5/6/15
3 days
164 mhartman47 Disneyland Resort 9/15/14 DH, MIL, FIL. First time for In-Laws since the early 90's. It is a surprise trip, excited to share with them. Eating BBQ, and staying at Comfort Inn on Katella
8 5/7/15
7 days
165 slim22 Walt Disney World 9/28/14 First trip to WDW with my kids. Staying 3 nights at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village and finishing our trip at Beach Club Villas.
9 5/10/15
12 days
168 claquire Walt Disney World 9/4/14 my lovely wife and myself for our annual trip since 1990
10 5/17/15
6 days
175 TinkerbellPatten Disneyland Resort 8/13/14  
11 6/1/15
5 days
190 73baloo Disneyland Resort 3/17/13 Celebrate my 60th birthday with my 4 kids, my kids by marriage and all my grandkids. Life is soooo good.
12 6/1/15
7 days
190 wellz48 Walt Disney World 8/2/14 Heading to the Beach Club with my family. So excited to park hop around THE WORLD again! ;))
13 6/4/15
5 days
193 eeyorelover Disneyland Resort 6/5/14 I am so excited. A true family vacation that will include a new baby.
14 6/5/15
10 days
194 POCFavorite Walt Disney World 11/1/14 Back to Beach Club for another magical trip!
15 6/19/15
15 days
208 ImTempest Disney Cruise 4/10/11 Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary with a cruise on the Fantasy and a one week hotel stay at WDW. Love my Prince!!
16 6/24/15
8 days
213 wlutz57791 Walt Disney World 8/18/14 Here we go! 16 of us on a family and friends Disney Adventure. It'll be the first trip for our own twin little girls, Pop Pop's Twincesses. We're excited and can't wait to go.
17 6/24/15
5 days
213 PetesDraggin Disneyland Resort 9/19/14 Going to San Diego first for 5 days and then to Disneyland for 5 days.
18 6/25/15
8 days
214 FenwayGirl Walt Disney World 4/29/14 Girls get away..big birthday celebration!
19 7/16/15
5 days
235 bhbob Disneyland Resort 7/28/14 Disneyland's 60th Birthday

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