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Disney Trip Countdown
Trips in 121 - 250 Days

# When Days To Go Who Location Date Added Details
1 11/11/15
6 days
128 Berger04 Walt Disney World 1/17/15 Cant wait to go back. It never gets old. We are surprising our girls who are 11 and 8.
2 11/11/15
5 days
128 mikecimini Walt Disney World 1/28/15 Epcot Food and Wine 2015!
3 11/23/15
3 days
140 Toxman Disneyland Resort 1/15/15 This is our 7th trip, during the holiday season.
4 11/26/15
12 days
143 forestlite Walt Disney World 7/29/14 This will be my third trip to WDW (prior trips in 1996 & 2004) , but my first time ever in a Disney park during the Christmas season! Experiencing the park with all the holiday trimmings and events. Candlelight Procession, Expedition Everest, and Beast's Castle are top priorities. Of course Sci-Fi Drive Inn & 50's Prime Time Cafe are also must dos! Flying out of Hawaii on Thanksgiving Day...God bless!
5 11/26/15
14 days
143 Lilogirl Walt Disney World 11/1/14 Dream come true!!Staying at POFQ and seeing all the decorations on the run up to Christmas.Best ever Christmas present - can't wait.
6 11/29/15
7 days
146 jkayjs Walt Disney World 5/23/15 Vacation with husband, daughter, son-in-law & 4 grands. Staying at PC.
7 12/6/15
7 days
153 PhyllHoffman Walt Disney World 1/8/15 One group, 2 resorts!
8 12/7/15
6 days
154 dschmid Disneyland Resort 6/16/15  
9 12/9/15
7 days
156 Wards Walt Disney World 12/25/14 Taking the whole family. Staying at Shades of Green. This will be our first trip with our granddaughters.
10 12/11/15
8 days
158 alm49erdis Walt Disney World 10/26/13 Camping in Fort Wilderness with our RV and a rented trailer for 8. Looking forward to renewing our acquaintance with this resort where we started out almost 30 years ago!
11 12/23/15
10 days
170 HawaiiTink Disneyland Resort 5/25/14 Christmas in Disneyland with my 3 kids and my husband. What better way to spend the holiday then at the Happiest Place on Earth!
12 12/29/15
4 days
176 DisneyMommyOf3 Disneyland Resort 1/18/15 First time going for New Years!!
13 1/4/16
10 days
182 ttroup Walt Disney World 6/19/15 Heading back to Disney World to do the Dopey Challenge again!
14 2/7/16
8 days
216 PhyllHoffman Walt Disney World 3/22/15 All 10 Hoffmans at the World and on the cruise!

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