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ESPN Zone Sportsbar and Arcade

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Reader Comments

User ID: ABBY   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (5/9/2007)
We ate dinner at ESPN Zone this past Monday. We waited about 30 minutes to be seated, but once seated received friendly, quick service. The food was good, but not really special. It was my birthday and they brought me ice cream with a candle at the end of our meal. A nice touch.

User ID: quincytoo   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (12/26/2003)
my son loved this place as did his brother and father....Mom liked it too :)

User ID: whitemack   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (12/1/2002)
This is my place right here. Great chicken wings, great steak sandwhich, and, most of all, great booze. I get toasted everytime I'm in this place. Place some games here, or watch and make fun of others. Good for sports lovers and drunks alike.

User ID: MMClub   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (9/4/2002)
A fun place for the sports fan and the arcade nut. It has everything you need to relax and have fun.

User ID: crimson   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (6/9/2002)
Best place to watch the "big" game in all of Southern California!

User ID: buddythebear53   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (6/2/2002)
I found it to be like no place I have ever seen before. Lots,& Lots of interactive games, viedo, parcipition, and many more

User ID: Pixie18   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (6/1/2002)
ESPN is wonderful place to go hang out and watch a game being LA the best time is go during a Laker game fun, fun,fun.

User ID: DodgerPirate   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (5/1/2002)
This place is awesome...great for anybody who likes sports. Many different TV screens for different sports games. And yes...even tv's in the bathroom stalls!

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