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Mission: SPACE

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User ID: hth1917   Thrill: 4  Theme: 2  Overall: 3 (1/4/2010)
For a variety of reasons, hardcore Epcot aficionados are often dismissive of Mission: Space. Judged on its own merits, it's a solid ride--but it is JUST a ride, not a pavilion. It could be improved by being incorporated into a Space pavilion (surely appropriate to Future World). The frame narrative also needs tweaking--why does it have us merely riding a simulator, rather than going on an actual manned flight to Mars?

User ID: lwmbhuey   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (8/4/2008)
Cool ride, but what got me was when I saw a mop & bucket inside. I'm guessing...up chuck?

User ID: jedijoemadman   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 3 (4/14/2008)
An awesome ride, really well done, and a worthy replacement for my beloved Horizons

User ID: rshaul   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (1/8/2008)
Very original and refreshing ride, we all loved it.The faint of heart should go with the tame line (without the spinning)

User ID: Stunnerr22   Thrill: 4  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (12/28/2007)
I've ridden a lot of thrill rides in my life, but this is definitely one of the more crazy ones. Not for everyone.

User ID: disneyguy333   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (11/25/2007)
Have only done the tame line (the one that doesn't spin) but I couldn't wait to get back in line and do it again - alot of fun!!!

User ID: jakefaker1   Thrill: 3  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (11/14/2007)
We rode the more tamer of the two options so we didn't experience any problems with anyone in our party.

User ID: Lissa Kuuipo   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (8/11/2007)
ALWAYS LOOK AT THE SCREEN IN FRONT OF YOU ON THE RIDE! Try to resist looking at a friend or family member during the ride or you'll regret it. Because if you do look, that's when you realize you're spinning really fast and it WILL make you want hurl. But overall, it's a fun ride!

User ID: Time8   Thrill: 3  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (3/1/2007)
This was an enjoyable attraction. After all I heard about the g force I was really disappointed, I was expecting something like I felt on Top Thrill Dragster at Cedar Point after listening to all the hype. Even though I enjoyed this I would trade it in a second to get Horizons back !!!!!

User ID: seth07   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (2/8/2007)
Completely Amazing! I was stunned by how real it felt.

User ID: HowieP   Thrill: 1  Theme: 3  Overall: 2 (9/10/2006)
I HATED this ride. Made my body ache afterwards for two days.

User ID: comet86   Thrill: 4  Theme: 3  Overall: 3 (8/3/2006)
When the ride first opened the g forces that was put upon the riders was really intense but now the g forces that are now put upon the riders are acceptable. The last time that I visited WDW and rode this ride my friend and I rode it over five times in a row. In my opinion this ride is one of Disney's best because if you look at the rides of today its at a dead heat.

User ID: siko626   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (5/1/2006)
siko626 calls it, "gutwrenchingly satisfying!"

User ID: NYRangers   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (4/1/2006)
This is a really fun ride. Its extremely cool and you really feel like you're going into space. It makes me wish I could be an astronaut!

User ID: mrsrandytaylor   Thrill: 4  Theme: 4  Overall: 4 (2/5/2006)

User ID: spaceshiphorizons   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: Unrated (1/5/2006)
I give this a four as a ride, because it is something never experienced in a theme park before. but as far as being a part of EPCOT as I think of it, the attraction falls short, especially since it replaced possibly the most futureworld of the futureworld pavilions, Horizons, but aside from my griping it is a very fun, yet hard on the body simulator ride that lets the guests experience space flight. it is not for the weak at heart and is possibly the most intense thrill ride WDW has to offer. I just feel that it lacks the substance that one expects form EPCOT. It is not very educational or engaging in story. also due to it's unique ride system and somewhat limited capacity the lines are insane (definate Fastpass candidate). but I feel that the line is worthwile for at least one trip.

User ID: halley123   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 1 (12/9/2005)
Someone died on this ride of heart failure. I say they close this one down.

User ID: swinsonm1   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (8/29/2005)
Really, one of the best rides around, but definitely NOT for people with motion sickness. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and couldn't wait to go on again.

User ID: jillstanley   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 2 (7/20/2005)
not for the faint of heart!!!

User ID: thebarefootone   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 2 (7/7/2005)
I get motion sick easy, and I really should have listened to all the warnings before I rode the ride. I felt claustriphobic in the tiny little ship and almost threw up inside. Plus I rode it in the morning and was quesy the rest of the day. Definitely not for people like me who get motion sickness!

User ID: scvdisneyfan   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (6/23/2005)
Not for the faint of heart, but one of my favorites.

User ID: MELANIEWDW   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: Unrated (5/25/2005)
This attraction is great. I always feel like my insides are trying to escape my stomach. It's the closest I'll ever come to going to space! Two thumbs up!!

User ID: karina12345   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (7/17/2004)
would deffinetly go again. it was short.but lots of fun. i pretended like i was really an astronaut pressing the buttons. it was funny...but fun fun fun.

User ID: thebear53   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: Unrated (7/16/2004)
This was my 7yr old son's favorite attraction at Epcot.

User ID: Disneylover06   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 4 (7/15/2004)
I enjoy this ride but then I love space. It was really very realistic. This ride is one of a kind. The take off was great but kind of went down hill but I still love it. If you have motion sickness do not ride this ride or keep your head still. It’s a neat experience and that you should try.

User ID: dms24gg   Thrill: Unrated  Theme: Unrated  Overall: 2 (6/1/2004)
Is it just me or was this ride WAY overrated! It just wasn't what I expected at all.I mean,it's a good concept and at first I was excited but then once I was on,and after that sickening takeoff,I thought it was a letdown.And that takeoff WAS sickening, to say the least. It wasn't a thrill, it was my lunch...again. What other ride in Disney comes complete with a barf bag underneath your seat?!I would go on again if there was no line (and thank god there wasn't the first time I went on!) but I wouldn't wait on a long line for this ride.

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