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River Belle Terrace

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User ID: Grossman144  (5/14/2010)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: Unrated   Value: 4   Overall: 4
This is our favorite place to dine in Disney. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are well portioned and perfect in every way. The salads are huge, so that you may share with the kids. The service has always been the best in the park as well. Cudos to all the hard workers at RBT!!! We'll always eat there!

User ID: dresswhites  (1/26/2008)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: 4   Overall: 4
i just ate at the new riverbelle terrace. still has great food at a good value. the prime rib sandwiches are delicious. i think i found my favorite meal in the park!! only one downside, they were using paper plates. i hope this is temporary!

User ID: tahoedonner  (11/14/2007)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 2
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 3   Value: 2   Overall: 3
A good shortcut between Indy and Big Thunder and the food isn't bad either...get your "Mickey" shaped pancakes in the morning or Aunt Polly's's nice to sit out and view the Rivers of America and enjoy the mostly southern style grub..I give it three Belle's.

User ID: dresswhites  (1/30/2007)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: 2   Value: 4   Overall: 4
the breakfast at river belle is among the best meal in the entire park. also great value. i love eating at the riverbelle.

User ID: Sir Charles  (1/24/2007)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 3   Value: 4   Overall: 4
I love this place. It has a nice view, nice atmosphere and excellent for breakfast! I especially like to watch the cook who makes the pancakes!

User ID: Originator  (5/22/2005)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 3   Value: 3   Overall: 4
Pretty darn good, I would imagine it would be more romantic if you watch fantasmic from there.

User ID: equine_woman  (12/9/2004)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 2
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 3   Value: 2   Overall: 3
We ate here very late in the evening and they were about to close. So we felt a little in the way. But the food was still good and the people were friendly. I would recommend getting there well before closing!!

User ID: wtsitmn  (8/31/2004)
Food Quality: 2   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 3   Value: 2   Overall: 2
This was Walt Disney's favorite restaurant, and mine, too; but that was back in the days when all the food was cooked to order. Nowadays it's prepared in bulk and served from warming trays. People used to wait in line while their food was prepared right before their eyes. There are very few places left in Disneyland where you can get food cooked to order. At least, I believe there are some of those left.

User ID: Sunsations  (5/25/2004)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 2
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 2   Value: 2   Overall: 3
good food

User ID: quincytoo  (12/31/2003)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 1
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 3   Value: 3   Overall: 3
Food we had was very good 3.5 catfish roast chicken and steak YUMMY clam chowder in very stale breadbowl YUCK Service was very very bad, if not rude. Cashier girl was nice enough it was the others..:(

User ID: disneygirl77  (4/1/2003)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: 2   Value: 4   Overall: 4
We have breakfast here every time we come to DL. Best Pancakes EVER! The kids will love the Mickey shaped ones too.

User ID: TellNoTales  (3/24/2003)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: 2   Value: 4   Overall: 4
Every day at DL I go here for a Mickey Mouse Pancake and a plate of fresh fruit. It's a tradition I keep because I can't think of a better way to start your day at Disneyland. My favorite breakfast in the world, actually.

User ID: StarTourist  (12/18/2002)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 1   Romance: 2   Value: 2   Overall: 2
Used to offer Annual Passholder discounts, but no more!

User ID: kailalovesdisney  (10/29/2002)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 2
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 3   Value: 2   Overall: 3
The seating at the restaurant is some of the best in Disneyland just because you can people watch all day at the outside seating. I love to have breakfast here and watch the people walk by either going to rides or just to look out over the water at Tucks riverboat.

User ID: juliebar  (10/7/2002)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 3   Value: 3   Overall: 4
Best place to get an early morning breakfast -- pancakes are recommended (shaped like Mickey).

User ID: Ms Disneyland  (9/15/2002)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 4   Value: 2   Overall: 4
Lovely atmosphere, especially if you eat outside at night. Almost Victorian styled though! I love it and for my family it is a ritual to get mickey shaped pancakes!

User ID: Horace Horsecollar  (2/12/2002)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 2
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: 3   Overall: 3
If you stick to the bbq, you can do pretty well, but the scramble service is a hassle.

User ID: Koolkid10  (4/25/2001)
Food Quality: Unrated   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: Unrated
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: Unrated   Overall: 4
A good amount of food a good price. Good place to see Fantasmic. Pretty good place.

User ID: luvdopey  (6/19/2000)
Food Quality: Unrated   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: Unrated
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: Unrated   Overall: 4
Great breakfast and nice outdoor eating area. It's a good place to sit and people/park watch.

User ID: Kerrie  (4/9/2000)
Food Quality: Unrated   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: Unrated
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: Unrated   Overall: 3
The vegetable stew in the bread bowl is good, and filling too.

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