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Reader Comments

User ID: FConnemara  (8/15/2007)
Food Quality: 1   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 1
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 1   Value: 1   Overall: 2
Just got back from a trip to Disney World - ended up making a reservation here as the hibachi restaurant and the Canadian restaurant were either closed or booked, respectively. I was very, very disappointed. People were packed in there like sardines (probably due to this ridiculous Disney Dining Plan nonsense), and while it was nice seeing Illuminations from the restaurant, the service was poor, and the food was nearly exactly like my local buck-a-scoop Chinese restaurant back in MA. My sister tends to dislike most foods (darn picky eaters), and requested a kids menu. As she is 14, the waitress said 'no' and got very snippy about it. So, my sister up and left and ate elsewhere, which I thought was very inappropriate. I asked to speak to a manager about the situation, and was surprised to find that the manager spoke very little english, did not understand what my problem was, and finally said 'you should've told me then, but kids menu for kids'. Ridiculous. NOT Disney quality.

User ID: frog_freak  (7/8/2007)
Food Quality: Unrated   Atmosphere: Unrated   Service: Unrated
 Suitable for Children: Unrated   Romance: Unrated   Value: Unrated   Overall: Unrated
very overpriced. u can get this anywhere in your neighborhood for cheaper than this. i hate chinese food anyway

User ID: RoadTrip  (11/1/2003)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 3   Value: 3   Overall: 4
Beautiful restaurant, great service and delicious food. This restaurant has the reputation of being a poor value, but I thought the prices were in line with the other World Showcase restaurants. My wife and I went at lunch and had pot-stickers, soup, main entree, soft drink and tip for under $50.

User ID: pbohr  (6/26/2003)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 2   Value: 2   Overall: 3
The Chinese are known for marvelous variation in edibles. For all the wonderful restaurants nearby, this one is not quite so exceptional as I had hoped.
If you like Amercanised Chinese food it's OK, but not a great cultural nor cuisine experience.

User ID: I_Heard_A_Tink  (5/18/2003)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: 2   Value: 4   Overall: 4
This is one of the best restaurants in all of Disney. The service was so incredible and the food was delicious. My kids loved it! I would reccomend this place to anyone!

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