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Restaurant Marrakesh

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Reader Comments

User ID: tuneboy  (6/1/2009)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 3   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 3   Value: 2   Overall: 3
Loud, but fun atmosphere. Interesting, but good flavors. Nice assortment of food.

User ID: rshaul  (1/9/2008)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 4   Value: 4   Overall: 4
Maybe not the best option for children, but adults will have a great time there, also absolutely loved the food.

User ID: orlando  (9/1/2005)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 2   Value: 3   Overall: 4
We thought food was fab n think y'all be in 4 a real treat.......

User ID: swinsonm1  (8/29/2005)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 4   Romance: 4   Value: 4   Overall: 4
This is one restaurant we always go to when visiting Epcot - you get a good meal with a lot of entertainment (belly dancers). It's always good to get your children to try new foods, and this is one painless way to do just that!

User ID: thebarefootone  (7/7/2005)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 4   Value: 3   Overall: 3
The belly dancer is very interesting, and the whole atmosphere is very interesting. The food was okay, I'm not a big fan of Morrocan food I guess, sort of bland. But definitely romanic lighting and really a neat experience.

User ID: denygold  (5/19/2005)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 4
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 4   Value: 4   Overall: 4
Fantastic atmosphere, food is ok- seems Americanized.
Love going there just to look around.

User ID: odyssea  (11/30/2004)
Food Quality: 4   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 3   Romance: 4   Value: 3   Overall: 4
I absolutely loved dining at the Restaurant Marrakesh. The atmosphere was superb, especially as live musicians accompany a belly dancing performance every hour. The menu is excellent; I ordered the Night In Casablanca, which included the Roast Lamb Meshoui, Chicken Kebabs and Seafood Bastilla. The lamb was tender and still on the bone, with a delicious sauce drizzled on top. The chicken was slightly spicy and exotically flavored. The seafood bastilla was the most exotic item I ordered, but was absolutely delicious. Ordering one of the three "sampler" style entrees is a great way to experience different entrees without worrying: you'll be sure to love one of them. For dessert, I ordered the Crepes Casablanca, which were excellent. I also ordered a half carafe of the house white wine, which served all three members of my party with a little over a glass each - an wonderful wine at a great price.

If you are looking for an exotic dining experience in the World Showcase, look no further than the Restaurant Marrakesh. Their range of entrees can entice everyone from the most exotic diner to the pickiest eater.

User ID: pbohr  (6/26/2003)
Food Quality: 3   Atmosphere: 4   Service: 3
 Suitable for Children: 2   Romance: 4   Value: 2   Overall: 3
Personal taste has everything to do with your opinion of this restaraunt. The Culture and environment are great. The food is good if you like that sort of food. I haven't developed a taste for it. It is however a culinary adventure worth a try if you're adventurous.

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