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Posted August 5, 2011

The San Diego Comic Con International has become much more than just a weekend for obsessed fans to swap comic books and meet their idols. The four-day event now offers a staggering array of pop culture to over 125,000 guests, whose interests cover the gamut from comic books to film, from television to the internet, and from the most obscure fad to the hottest new phenomenon. Media entities from the worlds of publishing, film, television, and every branch of consumer products show off their latest offerings, or tease the faithful with glimpses of what is in the planning stages.

Over the years, the Walt Disney Company has joined other media entities in reaching out to fans at Comic Con. Studio heads and creative personnel, joined by familiar stars as well as up and comers have made memorable appearances. An apogee of sorts was achieved in July, 2010 when 6,500 enthusiastic fans in Hall H of the San Diego Convention Center were pressed into service by Joseph Kosinski, director of TRON: Legacy. The crowd cheered and chanted, as technicians for Skywalker Sound carefully recorded the results. And sure enough, this was the crowd that could be heard in the December, 2010 release, cheering on the action in the game grid of TRON.

With the advent of the D23 Expo, there has been concern that Disney will no longer maintain a presence at Comic Con. It is true that for 2011 Disney did not have a major presentation in Hall H. But for those who know how to look, Comic Con has much to offer the Disney fan.

Comic Con offers a plethora of panels. In 2011 over 500 separate seminars were offered over four days, in venues ranging from 25 to 30 die hard fans gathered in Room 4, to the 6,500 seat Hall H. Typical of these was the Sunday morning Fish Hooks panel, offered by the Disney Channel in Room 6A.


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Host Jill Sanford, director of Original Series for Disney TV Animation was joined by creator and Executive Producer Noah Z. Jones, Executive Producer Maxwell Atoms, and Director Bill Reiss.
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They were joined by voice talent Atticus Shaffer of ABC's The Middle…
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… and Chelsea Kane.
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