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Rubik's Cube Demonstration April 26, 1-4p Disneyland Resort World of Disney (West Entrance)

Rubik's Cube Demonstration April 26, 1-4p Disneyland Resort World of Disney (West Entrance)

(March 3, 2008) The world's best selling puzzle of all-time is once again the hottest toy of the year! A new generation of puzzle lovers are mystified with the loveable, bright colored, 6-sided Cube. The challenge of solving the Rubik's Cube is too tempting to pass up. At first glance it looks easy, but after 1 or two turns, the challenge begins. How do I get that piece back over there?

The Rubik's Cube may seem effortless, but the original 3x3x3 puzzle encompasses an impressive 43 quintillion (43,252,003,274,489,856,000) different configurations. Each of its six sides contains nine squares and displays a different color red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. The object is to twist and turn the cube, scramble the colors and subsequently restore it to its original state, with each side again a single color. Various mathematical algorithms have uncovered 22 moves as the fewest required to solve a completely mixed up cube.

To view the six sides of our Disney Theme Park Edition Character Rubik's Cube, please click here.

Witness an exciting exhibition of speed and skill as we welcome six world class Rubik's Cubers, demonstrating their prowess at solving this mind boggling puzzle in record time.

The Six (6) World Class Rubik's Cubers Include:

Tyson Mao, Ambie Valdes, Adam Zamora, Mitchell Wang, Eileen Xie, Chris Dzoan

To learn more about the international competitions visit

-- Posted March 3, 2008



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