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Walt Disney World Weather Report for February 13th from @WDW_Weather

Happy almost Valentines day - is everyone enjoying the romantic castle show?  Wait - and while I'm at it - is everyone enjoying WINTER?  Yes contrary to popular belief it is actually technically and scientifically speaking winter - though it sure hadn't felt like it throughout Walt Disney World!  That changed this weekend as a front came through and the arctic doors opened delivering plenty of cold weather throughout the country.

As I type this there is a freeze warning in effect for the early morning hours Monday but Mother Nature is a fickle creature and things will change quickly ... and for the better.  As dew points increase - frost is likely so make sure those plants are protected though by the time you read this it will be too late ... but ... the thought was there :-).

Plenty of sunshine can be expected today with highs in the mid 60s.  Once again the lows will get into the 40s - though likely temperatures will stay in the upper 40s THIS time.

And guess what - you are out of the woods.  Just like that - you go from winter to spring in a finger snap!  Highs will skyrocket into the mid 70s as early as tomorrow and increase to close to 80 by your hump day.

It's a bit early to say but there is a chance for showers on Thursday now in the long term - but we can revisit that later.



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