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Walt Disney World Weather Report for February 22nd from @WDW_Weather

Let that warm up continue (right on through Princess half marathon weekend if you ask me :-))!  That cold front cooled things off enough yesterday to about 5 degrees below where they should be this time of year (average high is 75).  We will get there today and a little better and the warmth should continue through the end of the week.  Expect another breezy day though (which may have made temps feel even cooler than they actually were yesterday).

Looking ahead, looks like a little bump in the road ahead for hump day but even though will be a small speed bump as a shower can't be ruled out overnight as clouds and moisture increase.  But highs around 80 for Wednesday and through Friday we are talking about gaining even a few degrees from there.

Next cold front arrives sometime Friday - models are coming into better agreement but we'll hold off on that until tomorrow to discuss.  Things won't cool off all that much though and if you remember the average high for this time of year that's about where we should be all weekend long. 

Hope to see some of you proud medal wearers in the park on Sunday and Monday!  Be sure to tweet me (@WDW_Weather) and maybe we will catch each other somewhere along the way!



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Posted: 10/24/14

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