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Tokyo DIsneySea Tour - Part 3, Fortress Explorations at Explorers' Landing
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by Marc Borrelli
August 20, 2001
Our pictorial tour of Disney's newest theme park - Tokyo DisneySea - continues with Fortress Explorations at Explorers' Landings's pictorial tour of Tokyo DisneySea, Disney's newest theme park which officially opens on September 4, 2001, continues today with pictures of Fortress Explorations at Explorers' Landing. The tour is by Marc Borrelli, columnist and owner of Be sure to visit for more DisneySea informations and pictures.

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Ed. Note: Before or after viewing these pictures, you may want to read up on the area and attractions shown. Click here to visit the Fortress Explorations at Explorers' Landing section in the DisneySea Overview from Marc's August 10th Land of the Rising Mickey column.

The Fortress - Page 1

33979 bytes
The Fortress, Mysterious Island, and a Steamer emerging from the Caldera.
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(1024 X 768, 164,345 bytes)

34820 bytes
The plaque of the Society of Explorers and Adventurers
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(1004 X 743, 156,201 bytes)

43896 bytes
Exterior Shot
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