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Tokyo DisneySea Tour - Part 6, The Palazzo Canal
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by Marc Borrelli
August 24, 2001
Our pictorial tour of Disney's newest theme park - Tokyo DisneySea - continues with The Palazzo Canals.'s pictorial tour of Tokyo DisneySea, Disney's newest theme park which officially opens on September 4, 2001, continues today with pictures of Palazzo Canal. The tour is by Marc Borrelli, columnist and owner of Be sure to visit for more DisneySea informations and pictures.

Palazzo Canal
I'm going to say something... Before I went into the Palazzo Canal area I had no idea it would be so impressive. Later, when I went through it with the mission to observe and photograph its detail, I didn't expect the reaction I would have...   I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I don't care.  It overwhelmed me.

The fact that so much painstaking care went into its Venetian recreations...  and the result is beautiful, so charming,  so successful...  I got all choked up.  I just had to leave.  But then I found myself in the painstakingly recreated 1912 New York City...  Oh that's just grrreat!   What are you people trying to do to me!! :)

The pictures are self-explanatory enough.  Any words I could put between them would just divert attention from their subject.

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Ed. Note: Before or after viewing these pictures, you may want to read up on the area and attractions shown. Click here to visit the Mediterranean Harbor section which has been updated today with a Palazzo Canal section in the DisneySea Overview from Marc's August 10th Land of the Rising Mickey column.

Palazzo Canal - Page 1

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