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Halloween at Disneyland Paris
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by Lindsay Cave
October 15, 2001
Find out how Halloween is celebrated at Disneyland Paris.

Halloween in Paris
By Lindsay Cave

halllogo.jpg (28910 bytes)
Merchandise and Guidebook

Ah, Paris in the fall. A chill with autumn colours, slightly bleak, windy and damp. My favourite time of year and my favourite Magic Kingdom. Though, what a strange man that was, his hair large and white, full of cobwebs, surely he didn‘t come on the train like that.

Well no, he was in Disneyland Paris and had been caught by the Apprentice Sorcerers, a bunch of rascals attacking any decent hairdo and clean face with make up and spray. But nobody seems to mind, in fact they even stand in line to have this done. Kids too.

The annual Halloween event is underway and runs for a month, an event which has gained in popularity over the past four years and grown in scope and size.

hallfront.jpg (37606 bytes)
The entrance of Main Street USA

As you enter the park underneath the Disneyland Hotel, you are greeted by the large pumpkin faces sitting in the windows of the Main Street Station, and Mickey’s face, pumpkin shaped with ears of stars sits atop the sign of Halloween.

hallmickminskull.jpg (33019 bytes)
Count Mickey and Countess Minnie in their skull carriage

It all begins on Main Street come 11o‚’clock when the sky turns grey and ashen (as if on cue) and the music strikes up the launch of the Halloween Happening, a parade of Disney Villains and spooky vehicles with a Devil Donald along with Count Mickey and Countess Minnie in their Skull carriage. Dancing witches and carriages of mummies, vampires and skeletons merry the path towards Frontierland to the tune of ”Halloween, Halloween(cackling witches whizzing round)”. But wait, where has Frontierland gone? The sign says..

halldrac.jpg (36921 bytes)
The Vampire Carriage

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