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Tokyo Disneyland's Hotel Mira Costa - Part 5
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by Marc Borrelli
March 6, 2002
Part 5 of Marc Borrelli's his tour of this magnificent hotel.

In Part Five of the tour of Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, we conclude our exploration of the area where the line blurs between Hotel MiraCosta and DisneySea Park, the multitude of shops and restaurants that inhabit the first level of our hotel. For much more DisneySea visit Marc Borrelli's

Previous Sections: Part One, Part Two. Part Three, Part Four

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Ok, here we are back at Passaggio MiraCosta, where we'll begin our stroll through "Piazza Topolino Sud" (Mickey Mouse Plaza South).
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Although still very much Italian in influence, there's a different feel to these south wing locations, compared with those to the north. Appropriately enough (geographically speaking), the north wing highlights the charm of rural Italy, Tuscany in particular, and the south draws from classical Rome and Venice.
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Speaking of Venice, it's right through the passage to the far left in this picture... at least DisneySea's idillic version of it is.

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But were going to skip this often overlooked shortcut to Palazzo Canals and check out the second of the south wing's five interconnected, but very distinctly themed shops (the first was Figaro's Clothiers, which we've already visited) -
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