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Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser
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by Lee MacDonald and Lindsay Cave
May 6, 2003
Lee and Lindsay continue their series on the Tokyo Disneyland Resort with a report on Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser

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Tokyo Disney Resort Cruiser

The vast majority of guests visit TDR from within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and with this in mind, the Oriental Land Company, Limited ("OLC�) decided to create a new experience to take the magic of the 20th anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland to all reaches of Japan. Instead of billboards and other forms of advertising, OLC opted for a three dimensional travelling message. At TDR, the numerous forms of transportation are tremendously popular with a loyal fan base and even a substantial range of merchandise. Along with the cute Resort Liner (the resort's monorail loop), there are a fleet of Art Deco-inspired retro streamline buses that run from the two Disney hotels and the Tokyo Bay official resorts. Each is plussed with Mickey Mouse touches, like red seats with yellow buttons and a familiar mascot on the front. Regular guests love these vehicles, with their hidden embellishes, and will wait for their favourite coach, letting others pass them by.

With this in mind, the OLC have created a special 20th anniversary cruiser that was unveiled to the press on April 14, the day before the park's birthday. To great fanfare, the vehicle was driven in front of the castle as the Mickey and the gang launched the cruiser with a short ceremony.

The vehicle will travel to twenty of Japan's largest cities from Saporro in the north to Kagoshima in the south and all points in-between with a TDR Promotion troupe of artists and performers. The full list is as follows:

  • Kagoshima 4/17 - 4/18
  • Kumamoto 4/21 - 4/23
  • Fukuoka 4/25 - 4/27
  • Hiroshima 5/1 - 5/4
  • Kochi 5/7 - 5/10
  • Okayama 5/12 - 5/14
  • Matsue 5/15 - 5/17
  • Osaka 5/22 - 5/25
  • Kyoto 5/26
  • Nagoya 5/28 - 6/1
  • Shizuoka 6/3 - 6/5
  • Nagano 6/12 - 6/13
  • Kanazawa 6/16 - 6/17
  • Niigata 6/20 - 6/23
  • Yamagata 6/25 - 6/28
  • Akita 6/30 - 7/1
  • Sapporo 7/4 - 7/7
  • Morioka 7/14 - 7/15
  • Sendai 7/18 - 7/21
  • Fukushima 7/24 - 7/26

Further information is available from the official Tokyo Disney Resort website:

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