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Kim's Corner
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There is also a Product on Demand merchandise program in the works. I was fortunate to be in the print room during Thursday’s special event talking to Peter when Tony brought DLR President Cynthia Harriss in to take a look at some of the preliminary items that were mocked-up - a cap, a mug, a t-shirt and a sweat shirt are in the works. When she walked in her first words looking at the printers and computer monitors was , "How cool is this?" Tony added a bit more, "Little tweaks… we’re working on the bugs and on the quality of the t-shirts and the hats… You can actually have your name on the back. It’s personal, one of a kind product." They’re creating personalized collectables for collectors. They’re working to allow every collector to express themselves, through art, on their clothing - how cool is that?

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100 Mickeys collage plate - SKU: 400-005-570-179 - $19
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(838 X 733, 80,636 bytes)

The possibilities in this partnership are endless. Endless images and endless ideas. It’s up to us to support it.

For more information on 100 Mickeys merchandise, please call Disneyland DelivEARS at 1-800-362-4533.

100 Mickeys Merchandise List

100 Mickeys Logo Baseball-style Cap with Pin - $22.00 - SKU: 400-005-571-732

100 Mickeys Screensaver - $10.00 - SKU: 716-730-705-091

100 Mickeys Mouse Pad - $10.00 - SKU: 400-005-629-341

100 Mickeys Collage Plate - $19.00 - SKU: 400-005-570-179

100 Mickeys Magnet Set - $12.00 - SKU: 400-005-612-909

100 Mickeys Collage Ornament - $12.00 - SKU: 400-005-570-254

100 Mickeys Collage Mug - $10.00 - SKU: 400-005-570-094

100 Mickeys Collectable Watch - $95,00 - SKU: 400-005-570-339

100 Mickeys Boxed Lithograph set - $195.00 - LE 1,000 - AP 50 - total edition 1,050 sets

100 Mickeys Collage T-shirt - $20.00 - sizes SM to XXL

100 Mickeys Collage Sweatshirt - $38.00 - sizes SM to XXL

100 Mickeys Selected Note Cards - $3.00



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