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Report: Disneyland's October 26th Diva Villain's Event
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The divas performance was brought to an end with a flash of wands and burst of confetti from the good fairies.

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The fairies explained their appearance to Maleficient by mentioning their personal invitation. "She invited us ... yes, she is very nice ... and she rules the Magic Kingdom." The fairies then sang a very happy song, Bring Cynthia Along, that included the line "she doesn't need a magic wand to make things turn out right."
(Click for RealVideo from Bring Cynthia Along. 56K or LAN)

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The president of Disneyland, Cynthia Harriss came out and gave a short speech to the audience. She directed us to pick up our magic amulets to protect us from the villains in Fantasyland.

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(Click for RealVideo from Cynthia Harriss' speech. 56K or LAN)

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With that the show came to an end and the guests picked up their amulets and moved on to Fantasyland for dessert and special rides on Snow White, Mr. Toad, Pinocchio and Peter Pan.



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