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A First Look at the new Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln
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by Doobie Moseley
July 16, 2001
An early look at the new Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln at Disneyland.

On July 17th, Disneyland will officially open the new Walt Disney Story featuring Great Momentss with Mr. Lincoln. The updated attraction was in soft openings last weekend and this report is based on viewings from those opening.
Note: A commemorative event to officially open the attraction will begin at 7:45a in front of the Opera House on Main Street. USA Tuesday, July 17th.

Warning: This report contains some spoilers. If you don't want to know what happens in the attraction, you should probably stop reading here.

The Walt Disney Story portion of the attraction is very different. Instead of the Walt Disney Story showing on the large screen just before entering the theater, it has been moved to the smaller screen where the Owl used to be. There a new film shows which includes Disney Imagineers, authors and others telling their tales about Walt.  The film here includes lots of pictures and footage from Walt's early days including a wonderful clip of Walt recording Mickey Mouse's voice. The film also highlights Walt's interest in Abraham Lincoln and what went into creating Great Momentss with Mr. Lincoln.

Following the Walt film, guests receive a pair of headphones, put them on and watch a second film which effectively begins Great Momentss with Mr. Lincoln. Civil War photographer Mathew Brady tells guests how he started his business and how it became very popular after the Civil War broke out as soldiers would get a portrait done before going to war. One such solder was Private Jim Cunningham. Brady invites guests to become Jim Cunningham and asks them to step into his studio - and the doors to the theater open.

The theater is made to look like a photographer's studio. Once inside guests become Jim Cunningham as he first gets his picture taken. The sound system used is called "Bi-naural sound". The technology allows for very realistic sounds to be heard by the guests. For example, before the picture, Brady's assistant cuts your hair and you can almost feel the scissors because it sounds so real. The effect is really shown off in some other areas of the presentation as well.

After the haircut you accompany Brady on a trip to the White House to meet the president and sit in on a conversation between him and Frederick Douglass, and finally you go off to battle. The presentation culminates in watching the Gettysburg Address being given by Abraham Lincoln. Toward the end, the familiar Battle Hymn of the Republic makes its return to Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

Below are some pictures of the Walt Disney Story and inside Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln.

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    Walt Disney - Page 1
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    Walt Disney - Page 1
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    Mr. Lincoln Preshow
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    Mr. Lincoln - Page 1
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    Mr. Lincoln - Page 2
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    Mr. Lincoln - Page 3
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    Mr. Lincoln - Page 4

Walt Disney - Page 1

31239 bytes
The exterior remains unchanged
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(880 X 758, 116,511 bytes)

19930 bytes
Just inside the front doors
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(1024 X 768, 77,501 bytes)

20620 bytes
As you enter, on the right, artwork where the Making of Disneyland film used to show.
Click here for a much larger version of this picture
(1024 X 735, 101,498 bytes)

18276 bytes
And further down, more artwork and "making of" where the dignitaries section used to be
Click here for a much larger version of this picture
(1024 X 755, 93,287 bytes)

17565 bytes
More artwork
Click here for a much larger version of this picture
(1024 X 768, 71,938 bytes)

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