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Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview - Part 1 of 2
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The preview was a showcase of the various wedding options available and included a full-blown mock wedding at Chapel MiraCosta and a reception ceremony with live performers, musicians, and singers and you'll see it all represented here in this two park walk through the event.  Although you'll find a number of shots of the hotel, the Wedding Preview is the focus of this pictorial.   Keep an eye out for an extensive photo tour of the hotel, coming soon.

Even though it sounded like kind of a "girl" event :), I though it could be interesting experience and I'd get more of a chance to run around the MiraCosta.  I could also find out firsthand just how fancy a MiraCosta Fairytale Wedding is.  I knew it would be fancy, just how fancy was my only question.  As you'll see here in this step-by-step walk-through of the preview, it's a pretty fancy affair indeed...

Notes: The prices in this piece are listed in Japanese yen.  The exchange rate at the running of this story (August 29, 2001) is 117 yen to the dollar.

Direct translations appear in italics.

15167 bytes
The Place - A shot of the main entrance and north wing of Hotel MiraCosta.
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(1016 X 404, 65,634 bytes)

25621 bytes
Seen to the far right in the previous picture, this building houses the wedding and banquet facilities, and this is were we're headed.  But first we have to get there...
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(867 X 671, 98,181 bytes)

21973 bytes
We look back after passing DisneySea's Bus and Taxi Terminal
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20706 bytes
Getting closer...
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