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Hong Kong Disneyland
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It's going to be interesting to watch this patch of dirt turn into a Disneyland... By my reckoning, the castle will be located at about the center of his picture.
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As we relax at a secluded spot, high atop Hong Kong Island's Victoria Peak, and watch the sun set behind Penny's Bay...
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... the time comes to bring this first report from Hong Kong to a close.
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In subsequent installments, beside detailing the trials and tribulations, I'll look more at Hong Kong and what Disney presence already exists here. We'll go to the Hong Kong Disneyland Preview Center at the Kowloon Disney Store. I'll detail what the park and its surroundings will be like. (There are many of aspects of this park that haven't been at all highlighted and many others that haven't even been formally announced.) And of course, through the use of way too many pictures, we'll watch together... as a new Disneyland is born.

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-- Posted September 6, 2002
-- Story and pictures by Marc Borrelli

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