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I was born just minutes from The Land in Orange, CA. I unfortunately had to move away when I was 7 to Utah as my Dad was transferred there by his company. Talk about culture shock..I assumed everyone had Disneyland in their backyard just like we did. As much as I protested the move my parents just didn't think I could live on my own at age 7. (I still don't understand why) I am slowly working my way back to the OC as I now live in San Francisco.

I visit The Land at least 4 or 5 times a year and try to get to the others as often as I can. I was very fortunate to live out my dream and visited all 10 parks (before HKDL opened) back in 2002.

I worked for the Mouse at the Disney Store for over 10 years before they were purchased by the evil CP. Although some don't consider Disney Store CM's, "REAL" CM's, it was my outlet to help "spread the magic" without being able to live in Anaheim or Orlando.

My dream job is to work as a tour guide at The Land. I want to wear the plaid skirt and red knee socks and blue velvet hat. To some this may seem silly, especially someone who is in her 30's, has a college degree and a successful career outside of a theme park. I say let those who want to be President, or Supreme Ruler of the World, do just that. I just want to be able to share the stories of the place I love the most.

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