LPP Crew

LPP Crew
Your Laughing Place Podcast Crew - Alex, FanBoy, and Kyle (and sometimes Doobie)

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #260: Holes the Musical … OOOOO

Laughing Place Podcast #260: Holes the Musical ... OOOOO Date: July 7, 2017 Listen and Subscribe Topics This week the LPP Crew welcome a special guest star. Marshal Knight,...
The Good Doctor

LPP Predicts 2017-18 ABC Series

It is time for our annual predictions of upcoming ABC series. This year, FanBoy, Kyle, and Alex are joined by Marshal. Each person predicted...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #258: Phenomenon

Podcast #258: Phenomenon Date: May 9, 2017 Listen and Subscribe Topics This week the LPP Crew go around the world covering... Mouse Madness extinct attraction review Save Mr. Toad ...

LPP Crew Predict 2017 ABC Pilot Pickups

ABC has announced their development slate for the 2017-18 television city. As we head into the upfront presentation in May, we will find out...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #256: The Oddies

Podcast #256: The Oddies Date: March 30, 2017 Listen and Subscribe Topics This week the LPP Crew go around the world covering... The Oscars Bill Paxton The Oddies ...

The Laughing Place Podcast Presents: The 2017 Oddies Winners

It is that time of the year once again: it's award season. Following suit behind something called "the Oscars," The Laughing Place Podcast is pleased...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #255: Maison des Lunes

Podcast #255: Maison des Lunes Date: February 21, 2017 Listen and Subscribe Topics This week the LPP Crew go around the world covering... Disney's Quarterly Earnings Star Wars...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #254: Dory Found

Podcast #254: Dory Found Date: February 8, 2017 Listen and Subscribe Topics This week the LPP Crew go around the world covering... Hong Kong Disneyland's Iron Man Experience Thoughts...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #253: I Got a Chili on the Stove

Podcast #253: I Got a Chili on the Stove Date: January 6, 2017 Listen and Subscribe Topics This week the LPP Crew evaluate their 2016 box office and...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #252 – Upcharges and Dog Noises

Podcast #252: Upcharges and Dog Noises Date: December 16, 2016 Listen and Subscribe Topics Welcome to the new LPP! This week's topics include: Rogue One Disney Park Upcharges ...

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #251 – Jawas and Sunflowers

The LPP is back - two weeks in a row. This week's topics include The Force Awakens Home Release, Star Wars Rebels, Autopia's New Sponsor, Universal Studios - new and old, Ninja Turtles and Ace Ventura, Toy Fair The Next 23 Expo, Disney Premium Experiences and more.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #250 – Goodnight, John Boy

The LPP is finally back. With lots to cover since the last show, the LPP stick to the big topics (and, of a change, stay on topic ... mostly): Disney After Hours, Premium Parking, Peak Pricing, Disney's Shareholoder Meeting, Zootopia, The Jungle Book and Pete's Dragon, Classic Universal Studios, A Indy Jones Movie and ABC TV.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #249 – The Final Countdown

This week the LPP discuss The Finest Hours, a recent trip to Disneyland, backstage Cast Member stories, Disney Parks' management reorganization, The Hunchback of Notre Dame cast recording, the new Snow White release and much more.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #248: We’re Getting Old

The LPP is back to their normal format today touching on High School Musical's 10th anniversary, Shanghai Disneyland's opening date, transitions at Imagineering, Closures at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, Star Wars news, ABC mid-season shows and much more including a cameo by Gideon.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #247: 2016 Bold Predictions and Hits and Misses

Welcome to 2016! Today the LPP Crew make their annual Bold Predictions and say whether each Disney film will be a critical and/or box office success.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #246: 2015 Prediction Results and a Spoiler-Filled Star...

This week the LPP has focus: First, we review our 2015 movie predictions and Bold Predictions. Then we spend a long time discussing Star Wars: The Force Awakens, complete with lots and lots and lots of spoilers and speculation.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #244: Jakku

This week the LPP crew discuss the stopping of Star Wars Weekends, Season of the Force at Disneyland, the Avengers Half Marathon, Star Wars news, Northern California Mouse Con and much more.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #243: It’s a Trap

This week the LPP crew discuss Disney earnings, DisneyLife, the Alice in Wonderland sequel, Richard Kind's Bing Bong and play more "Should They Be a Disney Legend". They also discuss Candlelight Processional host favorites and remember Maureen O'Hara.

LaughingPlace.com Disney Podcast #242: Friend

The LPP come together again to discuss the new Star Wars trailer, the changes to the Annual Passport program, a 3rd park for the Disneyland Resort, Marvel in the parks, Universal and Disney World and Bridge of Spies.

Your Argument is Invalid: Disney Parks AP Pricing

Alex and a Devil's Advocate debate the latest round of Disney Parks AP pricing changes

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