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Indiana Jones Adventure

As you stand along the banks of the Lost Delta Region, you gaze upward through the dense jungle foliage at the crumbling ruins of an ancient temple. Scholars have translated the crude runes carved above the entrance to read, "Beware the Eye of Mara!" Surrounded by packing crates, power generators and other elements that make up the archaeological expedition's base camp, you make your way slowly to the entrance of the foreboding temple. Music of the 1930s echoes eerily throughout the camp as an unearthly moaning - undoubtedly caused by the breeze passing through the structure's entrance - underlines your own pounding heart. The Temple of the Forbidden Eye is where countless tourists and adventurers have flocked to ever since word spread that those souls brave enough to find their way to the heart of the temple would have their choice of three treasures - earthly riches, eternal youth or keen knowledge of the future. However, some have never returned; according to the runes and legends of the local natives, anyone who dares to look into the eyes of the temple's guardian, Mara, are doomed never to see the light of day again. Such attention has drawn the world-famous archaeologist, Dr. Indiana Jones to the Temple of the Forbidden Eye. Unfortunately, Dr. Jones is one of those souls who has entered the temple, but has not yet returned. Close friends fear the worst, including entrepreneur Sallah, who has set up a tourist temple touring service with a small fleet of old military troop transport jeeps. Somewhere deep within the temple, Indiana Jones battles the forces of evil as time runs thin for anyone trying to escape the clutches of Mara. Do you dare enter the Temple of the Forbidden Eye yourself? Will you gain one of the incredible treasures and escape with Indy to revel in the next sunrise? Strap your mouse ears on, brave adventurers and hold on tight; it's going to be a bumpy ride into vast caverns, over lakes of bubbling lava and into the darkest recesses of the earth! With Indiana Jones at your side, it's sure to be the "E"-Ticket ride of your life! Trust him!

Type: Thrill Ride
FastPass: Yes