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LP Lotion: TRON: Legacy at Comic-Con 2010
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Posted July 26, 2010

Comic Con 2010 may be history, but fans can still look forward to seeing many of the entertainment properties presented there. In particular, eager fans of TRON: Legacy were given much to excite them both at the convention, and in the months to come.

Even before arriving at the Convention Center, guests’ interest was piqued by the TRON: Legacy street lamp banners that filled the streets of San Diego. Inside the exhibition hall the Walt Disney Company created a stir with a booth that was all about TRON: Legacy. Large scale props, merchandise displays, and exclusive merchandise attracted the faithful, as well as new fans. Two items were offered only at Comic Con 2010: a light-up vintage TRON figure and a die cast Sam’s light cycle from the new film.

On Thursday, July 23 cavernous HALL H was filled with fans for the TRON: Legacy presentation. Even with a capacity of 6,500, hundreds had to be turned away. Inside, comedian and actor Patton Oswalt moderated a lively panel of actors and creators. On hand were original film stars Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner, who discussed their appearance in TRON: Legacy, as well as new film stars Garrett Hedlund, Olivia Wilde, and Michael Sheen. Director Joe Kosinski and producer Sean Bailey were joined by TRON creator Steven Lisberger.

Eight minutes of new 3D footage were a big crowd pleaser. The discussion, followed by audience questions and answers was wide ranging. Following the presentation, Disney offered a couple of surprises. The most unusual was a request to serve as “audio extras” for the film. As sound men from ILM moved into location, a specially produced film gave instructions to the waiting crowd. Blood curdling cries of “Disk Wars!” and “De Rez!” filled the hall.

Just as it seemed that there was no more to see, Patton Oswalt implored everyone to put their 3D glasses back on. A specially produced clip of Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow filled the screen. Depp offered the crowd a 3D bottle of rum, and assured them that, while he was seeking a crew for his newest journey, they didn’t really want to join him aboard the Black Pearl.

As if that wasn’t enough, Oswalt then announced that director Guillermo del Toro would be directing a new Haunted Mansion feature film. After assuring the crowd that they would not be returning Eddie Murphy’s phone calls this time around, Oswalt brought out director del Toro himself. As the crowd roared their approval, del Toro discussed his great affection for the original Haunted Mansion, revealing that he has been a fan and collector of the classic attraction for many years.

In addition to the exhibition booth and Hall H presentation, TRON was also represented off site by Flynn’s Arcade. The Arcade evoked the video game parlor from the original film. A promotion with iPhone led many fans to the Arcade, and the Home of TRON. In addition, a Friday evening studio event was well attended by celebrities and TRON filmmakers.

Others at convention presented TRON: Legacy as well, among them Sideshow Collectibles and Hallmark. And, of course, fans themselves showed up dressed as their
favorite classic TRON characters.


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