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Walt Disney World Weather Report for January 4th from @WDW_Weather

Ok now everyone feel free to let out a collective sigh of relief … go ahead … I'll wait.

Yes it seems as if we are "out of the woods" as they say with the EXTREME cold weather – that's not to say it isn't cold as I type this (40 in fact as of 9am) but still the worst is over and temperatures will warm up nicely into the 50s and could approach 60 with plenty of sunshine out there today.  If we don't make it to 60 today rest assured that we will tomorrow – so there is the good news.  The not so good news – well it will get cold again tonight JUST NOT AS COLD as last night … see how I did that … the glass is half full.  So please be safe with your pets – bring them inside if you can because the temperatures WILL drop like a rock as soon as the sun goes down – eventually getting down back into the mid (to perhaps upper) 30s.

Long range we will continue to warm up and by the time we get to the weekend it looks like we'll get into the mid 70s and it will be business as usual throughout the happiest place on earth.  We look to remain dry as well with plenty of sunshine – a nice golf weekend if you ask me.

Blizzard Beach looks to remain closed today and if you have reservations for the Spirit of Aloha shows, you may want to call ahead.  They were cancelled yesterday and it would appear they could be cancelled again as that 8 PM show could be very uncomfortable.