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by Doobie Moseley (archives)
April 1, 2004
Doobie talks about major changes for himself and LaughingPlace.com.

A Whole New World

Happy April everyone. Rebekah and I have are very pleased to let you in on what is, for us anyway, very exciting news.

LaughingPlace.com has always been very proud that we cover all of Disney from Disneyland to the International parks to the films, merchandise and business. And, of course, that includes Walt Disney World which we've tried to cover as best we could from 3,000 miles away.

From our inception in the summer of 1999 until now LaughingPlace.com has been based in Southern California - Huntington Beach to be exact - only 15 miles from Disneyland. While we have writers and other staff members all over the country and even the world, the base was in So Cal. But this week that changed whenRebekah and I moved LaughingPlace.com - and ourselves - to Central Florida just a few miles off Walt Disney World property.

Rebekah and I made the decision to move about three months ago, but for various reasons we've tried to keep it secret. No messages appeared about it on the Discussion Boards, so we were at least somewhat successful. We moved for several reason - both business and personal - but the most important reason was to do a better job of covering Walt Disney World. No aspect of Disney got more attention from LaughingPlace.com than Disneyland and that was for the simple reason that it was in our backyard. Now that Walt Disney World is our local park, we hope to be able to give it the same type of attention and coverage.

That said, we also want it to be known that we don't plan on letting our coverage of happenings in Southern California - including Disneyland and movie premiere red carpets - slip. Over the past few months we've had other staff members cover many of the events that Rebekah and I normally would have covered. We owe a huge thanks to Dave Mastanich and one of our newer staff members, Doug Marsh, for the wonderful work they've done recently and the great work that I'm sure is to come. And for very big events, Disneyland is only a five hour plane ride and we do plan on taking advantage of that.

So there you have the big news in our lives. There is much sadness over what and who we've left behind (not the least of which is my family). But I can't tell you how excited Rebekah and I are to be starting this new phase of our life and our career. It'll probably take much of April before we get completely settled, so please bear with us. But we sincerely feel LaughingPlace.com's best days are ahead of us, and we hope you'll stick around to be a part of it.

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-- Doobie Moseley
-- Posted April 1, 2004