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by Michelle Smith (archives)
May 10, 2002
Fabs has some merchandising tidbits in this column.

In early 2001 I taped Alice saying "You've got mail!".  Here are some of the things she's announced:

I mentioned that I'd be attending a mini-Creative Advisory Council meeting Tuesday, about pins.  Steward sent in some suggestions:

"...Now, about pins as a whole... just one consumers viewpoint here. Still one
of the favorite things Disney does. Seems that every time I'm in the Disney
Store or visit one of the Parks, I'm buying more. Maybe not buying every pin
they offer, but maybe that's because they offer so many? One set I have
attempted to collect religiously was the signs from the Park, and some of
the special sets like the Toontown or Haunted Mansion ones.

Would love to see a Disneyland Railroad pin set. Maybe that could have all
four steam locomotives (and tenders) the Disneyland Railroad logo, (Like the
old cast member tie tack), the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad logo, the
Freight Train caboose, and the private car Lily Belle? Considering Walt's
fascination with trains, and this being the 100th etc, this might be a good
seller? Again, cross over between the Disney fans and the train fans.

Well, that's my two cents on pins..."

And what happened at the meeting?  Well, first, we showed up at the more-heavily-guarded TDA, then we signed a non-disclosure contract, then ..........a couple of hours later I drove home with some neat pins and lanyard.  But if you're a Disneyland Annual Passporter, love pins, and go to the Disneyland website, I'm sure you'll be very happy.

He adds:

"...Zurg said that the Lilo & Stitch plush toys sold out in less than 1 hour at
the Studio's Disney Store..."

They disappeared from the Lakewood one too quickly for me to scoop one up as well.  I saw one at Cerritos but had to get my Franklin Planner supplies so just had time for a quick cuddle.  Man, those things are cute.  I'll put it on the bed next to Skippy.  For Alice!  Yes, that's it!  For Alice!

"Do you do a DCA tour as well?" 

Yes.  Well, almost.  I'm polishing it up, and making sure a couple of the better stories are absolutely correct (Tim?  Barry?) before I charge ahead with it.  I'll still be doing my Disneyland Tour. 

I asked in a Disney discussion group what kind of merchandise would make you actually sell a kidney to get it.  I got two good answers.  What are yours?  What's the one thing you'd HAVE to own, if only they sold it at Disneyland?

-- Fab

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-- Michelle Smith

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-- Posted May 10, 2002