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by Barry Allender (archives)
July 16, 2001
This month Barry talks about Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush.

Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush

Beanies seem to be everywhere, not as much as they used to be, because pins are king right now, but beanies are still a strong second in collector’s hearts and so are Disney’s Mini Bean Bag Plush. The Disney Stores and Disney theme parks have put out almost every Disney character from every movie they have ever made. Some of the beanies include ride attraction - they even include the Abominable Snowman from the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland. They've also dressed up certain characters in their appropriate costumes for the holidays, for instance Easter Pooh, Halloween Scientist Tigger and Valentines Day Piglet.

Winnie the Pooh seems to be the most popular Mini Bean Bag Plush. Disney uses Pooh for every holiday and in many different occupations including Pilot Pooh and Picnic Pooh. Holidays include Valentine's Day Pooh and Easter Pooh, just to name a couple.

Mini Bean Bag Plush exclusive to Disney theme parks include Ghosts from the Haunted Mansion, Pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean and the Country Bear Jamboree Bears. Even Disney’s sports teams get involved with Wildwing Duck, the mascot of the Mighty Ducks hockey team and the Anaheim Angels baseball team with two bears, Clutch and Scoop.

Overseas the Disney Stores had exclusive plush not available in the United States. In England there was Soccer Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and in Japan New Year Mickey and Minnie. These were limited to several thousand and are very rare and much desired.

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At Christmas time in 1997 the U.S. Disney stores gave out to their select employees a Cast Member Mickey dressed in Disney Store attire, including blue sweater, khaki pants and tennis shoes. It is the most expensive Disney plush, at around $500.

Another very limited Disney Mini Bean Bag Plush came out for one day only, the day after Thanksgiving in 1998, and thanks to my wife Brigitte it's in our collection. It's called Snowflake Pooh. My wife got to the Mall at 5 a.m. and waited 5 hours and at 10 a.m. was the first to receive it. Snowflake Pooh is dressed in a beautiful red knitted sweater with a white snowflake on it. It is just gorgeous. Most people didn’t even know about it. They were gone within two hours at all US and Canadian Disney Store locations, and they followed up with more exclusives the last two years, again with more Winnie the Pooh exclusive to the day after Thanksgiving. These were just as successful.

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