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Toon Talk Mailbag
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by Kirby C. Holt (archives)
September 6, 2001
Kirby answers some of the mail he's received from the first six months of Toon Talk.

Toon Talk Mailbag
Letters from Laughing Place Readers

It has been about six months since I started writing the Toon Talk column, so it is high time for a letters column.

I would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to respond to my Toon Talk reviews and specials, either through the Feedback feature or on the Discussion Boards.  Below you will find a sampling of the correspondence, ranging from the very first review for John Henry up to this month's Disney song special.

But first of all, I have to thank the two people responsible for me having this forum:  Doobie and Rebekah.  I was flattered when they approached me about this position and appreciate all they have done to help make the column a success.   For those of you who have enjoyed all the pictures in the column, thanks go to them for finding them.  Again, they are great people who work hard every day to bring the Laughing Place to life.  Thanks to Bekah and the Doob.

Now, on to the mailbag...

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John Henry, posted February 26, 2001:
This animated short, long in limbo, was finally shown on The Disney Channel this year.
So far, the only "A" rating from Toon Talk.
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"Thanks for the review ... it makes me wish that we got (The) Disney Channel here (in Canada)." -- Cathy Nurmi

Hopefully a video/DVD release of John Henry is pending for the near future for all who missed it or weren't able to see it on The Disney Channel.

"I was not aware that John Henry was a new short.  I thought the section of Tall Tale would be shown.  If you know when it will be rebroadcast, please let me know." -- DVC Robert

I am not aware of any upcoming showings of the short on the Disney Channel.  It first aired in February as part of Black History Month, so maybe it will be aired at the same time next year.  Keep an eye on Rebekah's listings of upcoming Disney television programs (found on the home page) and the Discussion Boards for any news.

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Lady & the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, posted March 1, 2001:
Opinions didn't run very high for this outing (Toon Talk grade: C),
and even less for the next direct-to-video sequel, first previewed here.
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"I don't think adults are the target audience for these productions.   Children love these direct to video releases.  While I wouldn't buy most of these, they do provide a good rental option.  I would prefer Disney entertainment to be family entertainment, but I can live with these direct to video sequels, if only so I don't have to watch Rugrats." -- Lee "Mousebear" Suggs

I agree that these DTV films are aimed mostly at children, which is a shame since the original features that they are based on have such a broad appeal for everyone.  And a little Rugrats goes a long way for me too. 

"Where is Disney coming from in making a sequel to Cinderella?  Any news about this upcoming release?"  -- Brenda

The preview on the Lady & the Tramp II DVD was the first that I heard of this project as well.  Still have no idea what the plot is, just that it will be released sometime next year.  A posting on the Discussion Boards mentioned that the film will actually consist of three short stories, but have yet to have that confirmed.  The "teaser" preview on this DVD was just scenes from the first film, but recent video releases have original footage from the new film.

"I'm so tired of these half-(baked) straight-to-video sequels of classic Disney films.  It's insulting.  I haven't seen Lady and the Tramp II.  I don't need too.  Sadly, I know it's garbage."  -- Aaron

While I don't condone the act of passing judgment on a film without seeing it, I understand Aaron's frustration.  And with the financial success of these sequels, I don't see an end to these ventures anytime soon. In addition to The Hunchback of Notre Dame II and Cinderella II next year, there are talks of a Lion King III, The Jungle Book II, Dumbo II and Mulan II.  And don't be surprised if there's a Little Mermaid III as well, considering that the first video sequel made more money then the original did in theaters.