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by Kim Petersen (archives)
January 8, 2002
Kim looks at some of the 2002 merchandise at the Disneyland Resort

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The New Year has dawned at the Disneyland Resort and if you don’t have a calendar you can check the date emblazoned on lots of new merchandise that has shown up on the shop shelves to welcome it. The new 2002 Disneyland Resort (DLR) logo is very character-centric featuring variations of Mickey and the gang - Fab-1 - Fab-3 - Fab-4 - Fab-5 and Fab-6 - all gracing the new merchandise. There is truly something for everyone - from the low-end postcard to the high-end watches (not yet on the shelves), there is a piece of merchandise to tempt the bank accounts of every guest - from souvenir to memento to collectable.

Color, character and category are the themes that drive the salability of the 2002 logo merchandise as the new goodies continue established lines and new marketing additions have been made. Apparel items - t-shirts, sweatshirts (in children’s and adult sizes, colors and logo variations) and a $19 embroidered baseball-styled cap - are staples in the DLR’s logo merchandise brand lines. A Mickey 2002 logo relief mug, neoprene key chain/frame at $5.00, two different snow globes, two different resin frames, a lenticular post card, an open stock rack dangle pin and magnetic clip are also in the 2002 logo line - with more still to come.

Collectable medallions, limited edition pins and items which include the incorporation of new lenticular imaging technology have made a real foray into the realm of collectables as the marketplace is still being defined by the folks in marketing. Just where is the glass price point ceiling for a postcard? Can you call an edition on 7,000 "limited" at the DLR? With the expansion, the 2002 logo merchandise has been produced with both the Disneyland and Disneyland Resort tag lines. As of yet the DCA specific 2002 merchandise - aside from the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day limited edition pins - has yet - as of 01-06-01 - to be stocked.

So - have a look at the goodies and Happy New Merchandise!


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The Disneyland 2002 Fab-4 character logo - Mickey and the guys enjoy a laugh at the expense of Donald’s lunch.
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Mickey Disneyland 2002 logo mug - it’s another dimensional mug.
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Mickey Disneyland 2002 logo baseball cap - embroidered designs are placed on the front, the bill the side and the back.
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