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by Kim Petersen (archives)
October 15, 2002
Kim talks about the 13 Weeks of 13 Treats promotion.

13 Weeks of 13 Treats - A Pin Collector’s Goodie Bag Full
Limited Edition Nightmare Before Christmas Pin Releases

This season Jack Skellington and his pals in the DLR Merchandise division have brought his holiday calendar to the Haunted Mansion. Looking like a giant stack of presents and styled as an old-fashioned advent calendar the pins will be unveiled every Sunday from October 6 to December 29. Guests will be able to purchase these LE 3,500 pins in Le Bat en Rouge in New Orleans Square and Premiere Shop in Tomorrowland on the Sunday of each week and any remaining pins will be available for purchase on the following Monday while supplies last.

This past Sunday’s release went very well as wristbands were distributed near the Main Entrance - near the Monorail beam in front of Group Sales at Disneyland opening through about 4:00PM - or while supplies last - which guaranteed that the pins would be available - even at the end of the “operating? day. Did this stop the long lines in both venues? Nope. But now if you were standing in a long line it was entirely your own decision. There is also a very nice - and very collectable - Ghoul’d Card which was given with the purchase of the first of the pin series. As the weeks pass and the pins are purchased the card will be stamped on the back. Just as the pins are limited to two pins per guest per day - the Ghoul’d Card was also limited to two per guest.

There was a special promotion on this past Sunday when guests could pre-purchase the entire series - there was a shipping and handling charge of $12.50 (1 set of pins) or $19.50 (2 sets of pins) which was added to the purchase price as pins #2 - #14 would be shipped at the conclusion of the program - those who took advantage of this offer will also receive a free 14th pin - a rendition of the Ghoul’d Card. A very nice touch.

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The line at Le Bat en Rouge was well out the door and up the Pirate's bridge within minutes of Disneyland's opening.
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Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas pin #1. The pin was still available on Tuesday.
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Jack lets collector's know where the wristbands can be found.
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The Ghoul'd Card - very cool.
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The wristband and the form for the pin series pre-sale - a great idea and one that pin collectors have been asking for since the first LE pin series was released at the DLR. If this goes well, I expect to see this kind of option used again.
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-- Kim Petersen

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-- Posted October 15, 2002