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Disney in the Classroom
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by Lee Suggs (archives)
July 27, 2004
Lee looks at Disneyland's newest tour geared directly at the youngsters.
Disneyland as a Classroom: The Discover the Magic Tour

Susie and Wendy on the Carousel

The Discover the Magic Tour is well named.  For children, Disneyland is a place to meet Aladdin, to visit Mickey and Minnie in their houses, and to play on Tom Sawyer’s Island.  A child uses her imagination to make everything she sees in the Park real.  Unfortunately most of us lose this ability as we “grow-up“.

Walt and the world he created

Most of us, but not all of us:  a man named Walt Disney never lost the ability to imagine wonderful and exciting worlds.  He also had the ability to make these worlds real.  Disneyland is the result.  Walt meant for Disneyland to inspire others to imagine as he did. 

A ride, but also an inspiration to imagine

Unfortunately for too many people Disneyland is an amusement park:  a place to go on rides, instead of a theme park:  a place that inspires us to imagine and even to feel like we are somewhere wonderful.  Fortunately there is The Discover the Magic Tour to remind us what Disneyland is really about.  

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