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Disneyland Update - March 5, 2000
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by Doobie Moseley
March 5, 2000
This update features the new resort logo, pictures of the brand new Monorail Station at the Disneyland Hotel and Downtown Disney plus tons of new DCA, Downtown Disney and Autopia construction pictures taken from the station and the Monorail. Also included is new merchandise and a new effect for the "Believe ... There's Magic in the Stars" fireworks show.

The focus of this Disneyland Update is the Monorail Station at the Disneyland Hotel and Downtown Disney. There are also many Disney's California Adventure (DCA) construction pictures taken from new angles, new Autopia construction pictures, new merchandise and a bright new addition to the "Believe ... There's Magic in the Stars" fireworks.

Rehabs and Upcoming
Attractions currently or soon closed for refurbishment include:

Upcoming Events

  • Some of the new ticket booths are scheduled to open on March 8th
  • Artist John Pomeroy will be appearing at the Disney Gallery on March 11th as part of the Artist Tribute series. Click here for more information.
  • The Spring Sculpture Event will take place on March 18th with the release of Walt Disney Classics Collection's Bambi
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Special Event on April 29th. Details have yet to be released.

Park Hours:

The update:

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    Around the Park - Merchandise and "Believe ... There's Magic in the Stars" change

New Resort Logo
The Disneyland Resort has a new logo. It was first spotted on the front of Anaheim Resort press kits.

NewResortLogo.jpg (13367 bytes)
(c) Disney
The logo, of course, does not include the yellow
writing in the background that's been mostly cut-off

New Monorail Station
The Disneyland Monorail has returned. The new Monorail station, serving the Disneyland Hotel (and soon Downtown Disney), reopened on Friday, March 3rd. The Tomorrowland Station is also under some construction - including the installation of an elevator - but that hasn't been completed yet. Because of the Disney's California Adventure construction the Monorails are running one way only. If you board at the Tomorrowland station you must get off at the Hotel and vice-versa. They are also running bi-directionally which means only two Monorail can operate at once. Wait times can be up to 30 or 40 minutes.
Note: There are no ticket booths at the new station, so if you don't already have a ticket you'll need to take the tram in and purchase a ticket at the front gate.

19991013-073616.jpg (12954 bytes)
For comparison: The location on October 13th. The old station
was completely leveled and the new one built from the ground up.

19991112-150714.jpg (19141 bytes)
On November 12th

20000212-141100.jpg (17585 bytes)
And on February 12th.

20000303-150720.jpg (7296 bytes)
A long walkway goes between the hotel and the station.
There are some large windows for viewing the construction.

20000303-151044.jpg (21077 bytes)
The entrance to the station

20000303-151114.jpg (8608 bytes)
New turnstiles