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Walt's Barn at the Griffith Park
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by Doobie Moseley
April 12, 2000
Last July Walt's barn was dedicated at the Los Angeles Live Steamers at Griffith Park. In March it opened to the public.

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Many are familiar with Walt Disney's love of railroading and know he had a miniature railroad in his backyard on Carolwood drive. Amidst the railroad Walt had a barn built where could monitor and control the 2,615 feet of track that made up his railroad. The barn also served as a workshop and a place for Walt to relax.

Last August we brought you an article on the dedication of Walt Disney's Barn at the Los Angeles Live Steamers at Griffith Park. In March the barn opened to the public. The barn will be open for free public tours on the third Sunday of each month. The next opening will be on Sunday, April 16th.

Below are pictures from the barn taken during its opening in March and from the dedication last July. Fans of Walt Disney would do well to make a visit to the barn and experience this personal part of Walt's legacy. For more information, contact the Los Angeles Live Steamers or the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society.

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Walt's Workbench

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Several old pictures of Walt and other Disney employees are on display

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More Walt pictures and a continuous video

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