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by Disneyland Fans
July 14, 2000
Disneyland personalities and regular guests share their Magical Memories of the Magic Kingdom in this series of articles unfolding from July 17th thru August 1st.

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In 1955, Walt Disney invited us to share a dream of his; a Magic Kingdom filled with adventure and fantasy beyond our wildest dreams. That vision was called “Disneyland”. And now, 45 years later, Disneyland has become an international icon depicting the American spirit and the innocence of youth.

When Walt dedicated the Park on July 17, 1955 and said, “To all who come to this happy place, welcome! Disneyland is your land!” he was not only speaking to the guests at the park that day, but also to the millions of families glued to their television sets to witness the live broadcast. When Walt Disney dedicated his land of magic all those years ago, he knew it would succeed and provide family fun and excitement for generations to come, even “after Disney” as he often put it.

During the past 45 years, we’ve soared high above London before heading past the second star on the right. Experienced a world on the move and a Carousel of Progress. Stomped our feet with a classic band of bears and set sail through the Spanish Main under attack by scandalous pirates. Plummeted down Chickapin Hill into the world’s most popular briar patch and clapped along to a sparkling Electrical Parade. Journeyed beyond the cosmos with a popular captain and narrowly escaped a temple with a bad attitude at the side of everyone’s favorite adventurer.

Millions have walked through the enchanted realms of this Magic Kingdom and countless memories have been made and taken from within its berm back to all corners of the globe. LaughingPlace.com has asked a sampling of individuals associated with Disneyland as well as guests like you and me to share their favorite moments with you. Every weekday from July 17th, Disneyland's 45th birthday, to August 1st, LaughingPlace.com's first anniversary, we'll have new Magical Memories to make you laugh or make you cry. But most of all, they're sure to make you appreciate the treasure that is Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom

The smoking lamp is out, folks - sit back, relax and enjoy our tribute to Disneyland’s 45th Anniversary as we bring you our exclusive series of Magical Memories…

Date Memories from
July 14 Bob Baranick: Former Imagineer
July 17 Dave Smith: Archivist for the Walt Disney Company
John McClintock: Regional Market Publicity Manager for Disneyland
Hope - A reader from Washington
July 18 Bob Penfield: Disneyland Cast Member from 1955 - 1997. Has a Window on Main Street
Lee: A reader from California
July 19 Rick West: Editor, Theme Park Adventure Magazine and LaughingPlace.com columnist
Karen: A reader from San Francisco, California
: A reader from San Bruno, California
July 20 Terri Hardin: Former Disney Imagineer. Sculptor and puppeteer
Bob Barber: LaughingPlace.com contributor
Don: A reader from California
July 21 X Atencio: Legendary Disney Imagineer (Yo-Ho, Grim Grinning Ghosts)
Bob Gurr: Legendary Disney Imagineer (Autopia, Mr. Lincoln)
James Hensley: LaughingPlace.com contributor
Bruce: A reader from Canoga Park, California
July 24 Richard Sherman: Legendary Disney songwriter
Stephen Schochet: Author of Fascinating Walt Disney
Matthew Walker: LaughingPlace.com contributor
Lynn: A reader from Phoenix, Arizona
July 25 Jim Campbell: A member of the Main Street barbershop quarter the Dapper Dans
John Frost: LaughingPlace.com contributor
Kristin: A reader
July 26 Christopher Merritt: Attraction designer and former Imagineer
Randi: A reader from San Jose, California
Adam: A reader from Westminister, California
July 27 Michael Broggie: Author or Walt Disney's Railroad Story
Alice Garrard: Executive Editor of the book Birnbaum's Official Guide to Disneyland 2000
Michael: A reader from Anaheim, California
Teresa: A reader from Phoenix, Arizona
July 28 Tim O'Day: Walt Disney Art Classics, Disney Auctions, Disney author.
Daniel Roebuck: Actor
Connie: A reader from Texas
Alice: A reader from Redding, California
July 31 Rod Miller: Disneyland's Coke Corner pianist for nearly 31 years
Maynard: Probably the most well-known attractions Cast Member at Disneyland
Rebekah: Co-owner of LaughingPlace.com
Doobie: Co-owner of LaughingPlace.com
August 1 Cynthia Harriss: President of the Disneyland Resort
Tony Baxter: Senior Vice President of Creative Development at Walt Disney Imagineering
Doobie and Rebekah Moseley: Owners of LaughingPlace.com
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