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Tokyo DisneySea Update - February 13, 2001
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by Marc Borrelli
February 13, 2001
A pictorial update on the construction at Tokyo DisneySea.

This Tokyo DisneySea update includes pictures taken all over the new park in February 2001. The park is currently scheduled to open in September 2001. The pictures in this update come courtesy of the Tokyo DisneySea Preview website. For many more construction pictures and lots more information on Tokyo DisneySea and the Tokyo Disneyland Resort in general, visit the Tokyo DisneySea Preview.

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    Overview and Entrance
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    Mysterious Island
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    Port Discovery
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    Mermaid Lagoon
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    American Waterfront
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    Hotel MiraCosta
    Lost River Delta and Arabain Coast

Overview and Entrance

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Left to right - Central Tokyo, the Official Hotels, StormRider, Indy, Cape Cod, Columbia, Mysterious Island (Joutney to the Center of the Earth), Bon Voyage Buffet, Mysterious Island caldera (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), the tops of a couple of spires at Arabian Coast, American Waterfront Electric Railway Station, Broadway Theater (with the top of Space Mountain peeking above it), toll booths, Hotel MiraCosta, Big Thunder Mountain in the distance, the monorail facility, the AquaSphere (blocked mosly by the monorail beam) in front of it, DisneySea (monorail) Station, the parking structure and the ramps leading to it, the Urayasu Recreation Center
Click here for a huge panorama of Tokyo DisneySea and the surrounding area
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A portion of the Mermaid Lagoon Building - Mysterious Island - Hanger Stage - Electric Railway track - StormRider - Cape Cod - Columbia
Click here for a much larger version of this picture
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The new parking structure