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ABC Soap Opera Bistro Grand Opening
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by Rebekah and Doobie Moseley
February 16, 2001
Coverage of the Grand Opening of ABC Soap Opera Bistro featuring the stars of ABC's daytime soaps.

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The ABC Soap Opera Bistro
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On February 7, 2001 Disney officially dedicated the ABC Soap Opera Bistro in a ceremony attended by the stars of ABC daytime. During the ceremony a representative of each Soap donated an item from their show to live permanently at the Bistro.

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There are three videos available that together show the entire ceremony (except for the introductions). All videos are in RealVideo format. All videos are available in low bandwidth (modem) and high bandwidth (DSL, cable, LAN) formats. The low bandwidth videos are 192 X 144. The high bandwidth videos are 320 X 240. The videos are also linked at the appropriate places within the article. A free version of the RealVideo player is available at www.real.com.

Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the grand opening of ABC’s Soap Opera Bistro. Please welcome our hostess, an actress who has appeared on all four ABC daytime dramas and currently resides in Llanview, One Life to Live star, Linda Dano.

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Linda Dano of One Life to Live introduces the other Soap stars
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Linda Dano: Good morning. Are you cold? A little. I want to thank all of you for joining me this morning for our official grand opening of our ABC Soap Opera Bistro right here at Disney’s California Adventure. This is a great day for us because you see there is nothing like this anywhere in the world. This is the first time a restaurant, a themed restaurant based on what we affectionately call the soaps has been built and is available to us and to our fans. So we are very excited, all of us from daytime. To you fans, this is your place - and soon-to-be fans - this is a place to celebrate ABC daytime drama. And you heard me say just then didn’t you, that I said soon-to-be fans. That’s probably because I believe everybody is a fan they just maybe don’t know it yet. (laughter)

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Linda Dano of One Life to Live
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Linda Dano: Now why don’t we cut right to the chase. The moment you have all been waiting for. It is now my great pleasure to introduce to all of you the hardest working, most dedicated, talented, nicest people in the business, they’re my friends and they’re my colleagues and I have the great pleasure of introducing to you some of the brightest stars of ABC Daytime.

Ladies and Gentlemen from Port Charles, All My Children, One Life to Live and General Hospital. Here they come…

Please welcome, from Port Charles, the man who plays Jamal Woods, Kiko Ellsworth. Behind him is Lucy Coe played by multi-talented Lynn Herring. Say hello to Erin Hershey who plays Alison Barrington. Hi kids. And please welcome Thorsten Kaye. I’m supposed to do two minutes on him I made a promise. He’s known as Ian Thornhart.

Is All My Children coming? There he is, Mr. David Canary who does double duty playing both Stuart and Adam Chandler. Behind him should be Josh Duhamel, there he is. Josh is one of the newest stars of All My Children. You know him as Leo du Pres and of course. Cameron Mathison. Cameron, stop letting them fondle you. Get over here. He is Ryan Lavery.

Next the stars of the show I work on One Life to Live. Kamar de los Reyes, also known as the sexy Antonio Vega. Behind him one of the great, great stars of daytime, Victoria Lord Davidson. The incomparable Erika Slezak. And one of the heartbeats of One Life To Live say hello to Robert S. Woods, Bo Buchanan. Hi babe.

All right. Direct from General Hospital. Oh boy. Here he comes. Mr. Sexy himself, Maurice Benard, Sonny Corinthos. Behind him, the unbelievable Anthony Geary, Luke Spencer. You know her as Elizabeth Webber played by the very talented Rebecca Herbst. And we couldn’t have this day with Bobbie Spencer. Say hello to the beautiful Jacklyn Zeman. Hi hon. How are you?

My friends! (she turns and greets them)

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The stars of Port Charles and All My Children
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