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Tokyo DisneySea Special Update - March 9, 2001
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by Marc Borrelli
March 7, 2001
In this special update Marc takes a break from pictures and updates readers on the progress of various areas of the new park.

3-Dot DisneySea

I didn't know Herb Caen, Herb Caen wasn't a friend of mine, and I, Sir (or Ma'am, as the case my be), am no Herb Caen.

But that hasn't stopped me from paying homage to "Mr. San Francisco", the Pulitzer Prize winning Chronicle columnist who's writing I enjoyed, each and every day (except Sundays), for decades.

One big difference, this is the web, so I've added a few pictures.

On to the news -  

Fill 'er Up

The approximately week long process of filling the remainder of the sea in Areas 3 (Mediterranean Harbor and Mysterious Island's caldera) began on March 5th.  A March 2nd target date which was set last month was missed due mainly to several days of rain which prevented necessary sealing and painting in the vicinity of the shores in the areas.

Two relatively small areas, both located off DisneySea's main waterway, are the only areas left to be filled.  They are a backstage area of docks, located between Mediterranean Harbor and Arabian Coast, and the Venice themed Palazzo Canals, located at the south complex of Hotel MiraCosta.

*   *   *

Power Down

The power lines which ran along DisneySea's Tokyo Bay facing sides are no more.  The poles which supported them are in the process of following suit.

pic1.JPG (11656 bytes)

*   *   *

Falling Water

Limited testing began this week on the patented Aquasphere.  A thin strip of water could be seen running down from its top, creating a distinctive shimmering effect.  This picture doesn't do the effect justice -

pic2.JPG (14243 bytes)
Notice the scaffolding structure which allows access to the top of the sphere.

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