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Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview - Part 1 of 2
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by Marc Borrelli
August 29, 2001
What's it like to get married at Tokyo's Hotel MiraCosta? Get a preview in this article. Part 1 of 2.

We take a short break from his pictorial tour of Tokyo DisneySea to bring us Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview. The preview is by Marc Borrelli, LaughingPlace.com columnist and owner of TokyoResort.com. Be sure to visit TokyoResort.com for more DisneySea informations and pictures.

Tokyo DisneySea Hotel's Bridal Dream Preview
Part 1

It was August 19th, 2001.  We walked by Bus and Taxi Terminal which is located just to the north of Tokyo DisneySea's Main Entrance.  Mariko and I were headed for the driveway that leads up to Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.  There was a top hat sporting Cast Member at the at the base of the ramp who was so used to turning away the curious that she immediately broke into her polite "the hotel isn't open yet" spiel.

But we were special.  We had an invitation.  We'd won it in a lottery...

Jump back a little more than a month - Mariko was on a train when she saw the ad.  It was for one of the many popular wedding magazines.  This particular one is named "I Wedding".  Among the many lines of text promoting their latest issue was was the sentence - "Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta Wedding Invitation!".  She picked up a copy of the magazine, and on one of its two pages devoted to the MiraCosta's Fairytale Weddings there was the phone number for the offices of the hotel's Bridal Salon.  One could call that number to enter a lottery for the chance to attend the "Bridal Dream Preview" at Hotel MiraCosta.  She entered the contest (Yes, she did have ulterior motives...  help:) and wadda 'ya know - we won.  Initially I thought, "Wow, great marketing!  Make it sound like the demand is so high there needs to be a lottery... kind of a play on TDL's New Year's Eve lottery.  Brilliant!  I love it!"  But that was before I observed the frenzied snapping up of DisneySea's tickets and MiraCosta's rooms.  It may have been good marketing, but holding a lottery for this wedding preview turned out to be practical move.

About three weeks after her phone call, the ticket (they collected that), an invitation, and directions arrived in the mail.

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