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The Art of Bob Olszewski
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by Warren Lee
August 31, 2001
An introduction to the art of Bob Olszewski including a look at his work for the upcoming Official Disneyana Convention.

Robert Olszewski and the Storytime Collection

Figurines from the Storytime Collection are popular Disney collectibles. Introduced at the International Collectibles Exposition in Rosemont, Illinois in June 2000, these figurines are becoming a sought-after collectible. A Disneyland Cast Member said, "Collectors ask about the Olszewski figurines all the time."

The Storytime Collection consists of 9 Disney stories. They are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Bambi, Pinocchio, Cinderella, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree, Sleeping Beauty, and Beauty and the Beast. Robert Olszewski will tell each story with figurines from beginning to end. Each figurine is a scene or cameo, consisting of one or more characters and a background. Olszewski Studios will release a maximum of 4 cameos from each story per year. The price ranges from $45 to $195. Edition size is 3,000 or less. Storytime Collection is available at select dealers and not available at the Disney Stores or Disney Theme Parks in the US. In the near future, Olszewski Studios will introduce the Storytime Collection to shops in Canada and Japan.

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Not a Finger or a Hook

Capturing the magic of the scene distinguishes the Storytime figurines from other Disney collectibles. Artist Robert Olszewski is extraordinarily creative and very experienced in producing miniature figurines. Olszewski unusual depiction of Tinkerbell scolding Captain Hook not to hurt Peter Pan is amazing. Named Not a Finger or a Hook, this large/small approach captures the magic of the scene. Tinkerbell is intense and right in Hook’s face as she scolds him. Hook is scowling and his hook is placed menacingly behind Tinkerbell. Also, Robert constantly works on the figurines to make them better. Disney Art Director has already approved the new Beauty and Beast piece, Tenderly Belle Heals the Beast. Robert is still working on the cameo to make Belle’s eyes look better. He is introducing eyelids and eyeballs to a human figure for the first time in the Storytime Collection. Robert Olszewski is like Marc Davis when creating a human figure.

Quality is very high. Each cameo is designed in wax at the Olszewski Studios in California, reviewed by Disney Art Classics’ Art Director, and produced in pewter and resin in China. Each piece is molded and painted in exacting details, inspected at the factory, and inspected again at Studios in California before release to dealers. At the California Studios, "plussing" is added. Artisans in California add the horses’ reins, 18-karat gold chains, to Cinderella’s Coach, Oh My Slipper.

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Oh My Slipper

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