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Tokyo Disneyland's Hotel Mira Costa - Part 1
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by Marc Borrelli
February 20, 2002
Marc Borrelli begins his tour of this magnificent hotel.

Marc Borrelli begins his extensive tour of of the exquisite Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta.  Experience the hotel as if you were were actually a guest, but it won't cost you the standard $500 a night!

I would just like to say in advance that I am so sorry about this song parody. 🙂

To the tune of The Eagles' Hotel California -

Hotel MiraCosta

On a cool Chiba morning
Sea breeze in our hair
Disney Resort Line
Passing by the air
Up ahead in the distance
We saw a breathtaking sight
Our heads went dizzy and our eyes grew big
We would stay for the night!
There she stood in the lobby
I heard the chapel bell
I was thinking to myself
Is this Italy? No, they don't live this well
Then she picked up the suitcase
And she showed us the way
There were paintings down the corridor
Thought I heard them say

Welcome to the Hotel MiraCosta
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely place
Such a lovely face
Never a room at the Hotel MiraCosta
Any time of year
Any time of year
You won't find one here
You won't find one here

Frescos on the ceiling
It's worth twice the price
And she said
We are both just visitors here
To live here would be so nice
And at the checkout counter
We paid and kept our keys
We looked each other in the eyes
Let's stay one more night, at least
Last thing I remember
We were walking toward the door
We turned around and booked a room, the same one as before
Relax said my girlfriend
We can afford it, I believe
We could check out any time we liked
But it's so hard to leave

Scary, but true! 🙂   Because of some cancellations and a little very helpful shuffling, we were able to get the same room again.  And to clarify, when you finally do check out, you get to keep the key (magnetic card) as a souvenir.  

If you don't count the price (I don't. It's worth it.), that really is the only drawback to staying at the MiraCosta... Leaving.  The sheer beauty and peace of the place... The unbelievable view of a Mediterranean Harbor facing room...  "It can't actually be there... This is a dream... But it's not a dream..."  That's really what went through my head and how I felt as I stood there frozen in time, with the violins and mandolins of Mediterranean Harbor seeping into our room as I gazed out the open window...

And the convenience of it!   In less than 2 minutes you've gone from your room to Mediterranean Harbor, and visa versa.  Going back to take a break didn't feel like we were going back to some hotel room; It felt like we were going back to our apartment in Port Paridiso!  Are you beginning to see why this hotel is so hard to leave?  After that first stay, a new item was added to my list of top priorities - Find a way to live in a Harbor facing room at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta, paying a price more practical than the standard $500 a night. I'm not kidding.

But I'm ahead of myself.  This is a tour.  First we need to get there...

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Poof!  Suddenly we're headed east-bound on a Keiyo Line train...

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...just as it crosses the Edogawa River.  The Tokyo Disney Resort comes into view.

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