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An Interview with Larry Joe Campbell
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by Doobie Moseley
August 23, 2002
A interview with Larry Joe Campbell of the ABC show According to Jim.

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Larry Joe Campbell

Larry Joe Campbell appears on ABC's According to Jim and is one of the many stars that'll be appearing at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend at Disney's California Adventure on Saturday and Sunday. LaughingPlace.com had the opportunity to speak with Campbell about the event and According to Jim in the days leading up to the event.

Campbell plays Jim Belushi's brother-in-law Andy. Campbell says "Andy is a loving guy. He's misunderstood because he's a sensitve guy so sometimes people think he might be nerdy, but I think he's actually the opposite of that. I think he's maybe a little more sophisticated than people think. maybe he's a New Age guy ... I think he certainly loves the fmaily. We see him all the time at the house, so I think that the writers have doen a grat job of setting up that he loves to be there. He not only needs to be there but he wants to be a part of their lives."

As a family man (Campell has a wife, Peggy, a two-year-old daughter, Gabriella and an 8-month old son Nathan), I asked if Campbell felt family sitcoms like Acccording to Jim were important. "I do. I also hope that I can relate to them. That yeah, they're fun, they're wholesome, they're good to watch. But at the same time some real things are going on that you don't necessarily associate with wholesome. I'm not talking porn, but that you can see people struggling through a situation and win it. And I think that makes a great sitcom - the reality of it."

Being locals, the Cmapbells do get down to Disneyland regularly. "We love Disneyland, " Campbell said. "We live in the South Bay area so it really is nothing for us to jaunt on over there. It's fun. And we're suckers - my wife, she gets the good spot fr the parade. We have to stop riding rides so we can watch the fireworks. We dig it."

Campbell has not yet been to the Disney's California Adventure but he and the whole family are looking forward to their trip this weekend. He says he'll be doing some press as well as "a Q&A Panel with fans of the show which I'm really looking forward to." He'll also be in the parade.

Being a comedic actor, Campbell is also hoping to be able to see the taping of "Who's Line Is It Anyway". I asked if he'd like to do the show some sometime. "Oh yeah, it'd be great. I think the biggest key to improv is the acceptance of the other person. It's what sets it part from stand-up which is also fun. You have two people or an ensemble of people who are saying yes to one another and making a scene grow. and those guys seem the best at it." However, he also said "the only improv I've done is at home and my wife tells me I'm not funny"

Campbell says his favorite Disney film is The Jungle Book. Why? "The bear, Baloo, is so ... I just love the stories. And I love the song Bear Necessities. It's mantra, it's stuff to live by." But his daugher has a different favorite. "Gabby's a big Winnie the Pooh nut." Speaking about Disney films, Campbell adds "If you're going to live by a movie, you could pick almost any one of them and you'd be raised to be a very good person in the world, I think."

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Jim Belushi and Larry Joe Campbell
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According to Jim airs Tuesday at 8:30 p.m. on ABC. Larry Joe Campbell will be at the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend Disney's California Adventure on Sunday, August 25th. According to Jim's Q&A session at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday at the Golden State Amphitheater. You can also see him in the parade taking place at 4:00 p.m.

For more information on  the ABC Primetime Preview Weekend see LaughingPlace.com's schedule or the official site.

-- Posted August 23, 2002
-- Interview by Doobie Moseley