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Billy Hill and the Hillbillies 10,000th Show
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by Jan Vincent
February 10, 2003
A report from the 10,000th show for Billy Hill and the Hillbillies at Disneyland.

Billy Hill and the Hillbillies performed their 10,000th show at the Golden Horseshoe Stage in Frontierland on Thursday, February 6, 2003 at the 1:15 show. They did their usual show with renewed vigor to a packed house which included 40 members of  "Da Billy Club", several off-duty castmembers and about 25 members of Disney Entertainement management including the Billy's entertainment  boss, Stan Freese.

Songs for the 10,000th show included the "Small World" opening, Cheap Trick's "I want You to Want Me", Billy Elvis' version of Country and Rap, an Elvis medley, Billy Mandolin's spirited version of the William Tell Overture, Billy Fiddle's famous "Orange Blossom Special" (with some updated choreography) and the Billy's tribute to River Dance, "Puddle Prance." At the finale, the entire audience gave the boys a standing ovation and were rewarded with a curtain call.

Following the show, the boys were joined backstage by Disney Entertainment management and presented with a large framed commemorative plaque that will be displayed in the Golden Horseshoe and four smaller individual plaques. A commerative sheet cake and luncheon were provided. Also, on hand backstage, was longtime Billy Hill sound technician, Gary Cherno, who has been doing the show since 1994 and provided the sound for the 10,000th show.

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-- Posted February 10, 2003
-- Story and Pictures by Jan Vincent