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MEV Vacation Tips: Keep Your Eyes Open - You Never Know What You'll See!
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by Betty Sue Sanders - Member of the MouseEarVacations.com Team (archives)
May 25, 2011
Take some time to notice the little things at Walt Disney World. There's lots more to a vacation than a bunch of rides.
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Off Kilter at the Canada Pavilion
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You know the drill.  You hit the parks early and go non-stop, experiencing every ride you can squeeze in.  You stop only briefly to refuel before heading off to your next ride or attraction.  By the end of the day, you can proudly say that you have ridden every ride on your list and even got to see that awesome fireworks show.  You head back to your resort and fall into bed victoriously exhausted.

Is this the way your trips to the Walt Disney World® Resort pan out?  Maybe it’s time to schedule a slow Disney day just to stroll around the parks and enjoy some of the surprises Disney has up its sleeve.  Maybe it time to keep your eyes open and see what you discover.

On a recent trip of mine, while enjoying time in Epcot®, I slowed down for perhaps the first time in years.  Yes, the Epcot® International Food & Wine Festival enticed me to make that move, but I was amazed at the things I discovered while strolling at a “mosey” speed around the parks.  The sidewalks in the Walt Disney World® Resort are full of things to see.  I stopped to listen to music in both Canada and the United Kingdom.  I paused to watch a French Chef and his “assistant” perform balancing acts that blew me away.  I took time to appreciate three of the cutest girls making the most amazing music with their drums in Japan.  And who can walk past that amazing candy artist without pausing?

But I think my biggest surprise came when I approached the bridge between China and Germany.  I was treated to an up-close view of the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth globe being transported out into the lake for the nightly show.  What a thrilling sight it was to watch the bridge go up and the barge head toward us in a slow and careful navigation out.  I was amazed by its size and found myself looking forward with greater anticipation for the next time I got to see the show.

Later in that same trip, a quiet moment allowed me to view wildlife coming out of the woods near Magic Kingdom® Park and families with young children enjoying the thrill of that first peak of the Castle.  I learned a great deal on that trip.  Each and every park in the Walt Disney World® Resort has secrets to offer to those who keep an eye out for them.  You might stumble on a silent movie artist in Disney’s Hollywood Studios™.  Or maybe see a sidewalk artist whose only tools are water and his broom in the Magic Kingdom® Park.  If you are really lucky, a walking vine might cross your path in Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.  All you have to do is keep your eyes open and slow down for maybe just a minute.

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-- Posted May 25, 2011

LaughingPlace.com recommends MouseEarVacations.com - the Official Travel Agency of LaughingPlace.com - for all your Disney travel needs.