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Tony was also concerned with the core merchandise for the 100 Mickeys, "For the person who wants that original piece of art and can afford it in this economy, I’m happy to provide it for them… But, I was really stressing with Gary Oda (Merchant, Special Events and Resort Programs), who did all the product, just make sure that everybody can walk away with this, and has a memory." Tony is also looking forward to the next event at the Disneyland Gallery, from Eric and Mickey to Nightmare Before Christmas and a tie-in to the second year of the mansion overlay, "We’re working with the feature animation library and WDI to do a combination of history of the Haunted Mansion, Haunted Mansion as Nightmare Before Christmas and then the making of Nightmare Before Christmas."

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The concept is to bring in original concept art as well as Tim Burton’s work. "It’s going to be wild. Again, it’s going to be something that’s different for here (although the originals won’t be for sale during this event). So look for more NBC merchandise to support the show as well as the overlay - NBC lovers rejoice! "Definitely, we’re doing a lot of merchandise for Nightmare Before Christmas because the attraction is coming back… and we were very pleased with the response we got last year… This location (the Gallery) will be more about the concept work and the history of the Haunted Mansion, you’ll find a different assortment of merchandise up here then you would on the cart. It’s in the works, we’re about 90% there… What’s after that, I don’t know yet… but there will be something."

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Tony is a great believer in the application of the PoD technology, "This, we would like to see if we could take it… there’s application here. I had a guest on Thursday night that said, ‘You know, you’ve got 50,000 WDI images? Can you load them?’ Yes. It’s a matter of loading them and touching and so forth. And, or somebody who wants an esoteric piece, like the small world Mary Blair in the making. This is your chance to get it. And, that’s phenomenal. Or there might be an application for Main Street, or other classic Mickey images that might be classic or might be different like some of these images. You know, we can’t afford to do runs of a thousand images. This is the chance."

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The history of Disneyland has been recorded in visuals, from concept art to attraction posters, all of which has the ability to be loaded onto the PoD system. The question for Tony, is "How do I get this to other locations? This would be great for Off the Page, where it’s all about animation and creating and that kind of thing. But, they’re working on some fun things, added bonuses I guess. One of the things they’re working on is, like the boarders that come out now are white. But, say you’ve got a child’s room that is blue. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could put a blue boarder on that piece? And, then you’ve got a piece of art that’s unique to you. Because it’s what you want, it’s personalized to you."

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