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Where’s Mickey? Pin Event - the good

Wooooooooooo-Hooooooooooo! Lots more good about this event - it was - very nearly - perfect. Congratulations go to every member of the merchandise team at the DLR who worked on this event - they got this one - very nearly - right. Let’s start at the top -

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Cast Members explained the game to park guests - communication was much improved for the Where's Mickey event.
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CM communication -

The communication between Cast Members and guests was also greatly improved - as we were told right off the top that the pins would be available for sale at locations close to the clue destinations. And - if you didn’t hear it from the CM it was in the game card’s fine print. I don’t know if this was a function of it having been the second event - or if the training was just a bit better for this event - at any rate - this was a major improvement.

the game card -

The game card art is very cute and the card stock it’s printed on is substantial - well made all the way around. I’ll call it a game card - as it wasn’t meant to be a map. I like this logo - I really like this logo - I’d buy a pin with this logo (hint - hint - hint).

the game -

I also really like Disneyland foot-rallies and trivia games and the clues for this one were well thought out and made for a challenging walk around the park - even of you knew where you were going it was still a hike. The morning was beautiful, clear, cool and sunny - so off we went - there were seven stops - from Main Street to the it’s a small world mall then over to New Orleans Square and from there into Adventureland and then over to Frontierland and then way out to Mickey’s ToonTown and - finally to Tomorrowland. It was much more challenging if you played along and enjoyed the fun.

the completor pin -

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The Where's Mickey event completor pin - an edition of 5,000 - the pin was free to those who completed the game and had their cards stamped.
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The back of the free event completor pin features the 2002 Official Pin Trading logo with the words "Where's Mickey Pin Event".
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Very Cute! Very Free! Very Mickey! What more do you want? It also has an event specific backstamp - and yes - I’m a collector who notices and cares about such things. It’s a LE of 5,000.