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Report: Pirates of the Caribbean Special Event
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We don't want you to forget we have a special cruise waiting for you tonight.  We're all official Pirates now. We hope to see you there. The queue will open at 10:00 o’clock. We’ll be visiting our Pirate friends by 11:00. Speaking of those pirates from earlier, I wonder where they ran off to I hope they found the treasure.

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The Pirates appear on stage carrying various limited edition artworks that were on sale at the event, Disneyland souvenirs and churros.

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The portly pirate found a toy

The Pirate Captain turns to O'Day and declares him a friend of the crew. Then he turns to the audience and declares everyone a friend of the crew. "In fact, tis time to make ye all proper pirates! Lads and Lassies stand up! And put yer right hand or right hook and put it o'er yer good eye! Now…follow me in the Pirate Pledge!"

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The Pirates, the panelists and the audience rise and place a hand over their eye and declare together in a loud strong voice. 

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A button with the pledge was handed out to guests

"Ye all must sing our Pirate song!," announces the Pirate Captain. More pirates appear. Some rappel from places above the stage and others walk down the aisles toward the stage. Bob Baranick directs the audience like a conductor and all sing Yo Ho (A Pirates Life For Me).

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