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Toon Talk: Top 10 of 2008
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Platinum Edition Disney DVD

Pongo, Perdita and all 99 puppies -- plus Cruella de Vil, of course -- star in the canine classic at the center of this spot-on Platinum collection, complete with a recreation of Walts correspondence with original Dalmatians author Dodie Smith.

Platinum Edition Disney DVD

Sure, we just got a perfectly fine DVD of this fairy tale classic a few years back, but who could let the 50th anniversary of this Beauty pass by with out waking her up to celebrate, especially if she looks as gorgeous as ever in high def?

Disney DVD

The surprise of the year, this direct-to-video spin-off showed that such things could be as rich and rewarding as any feature film offering. If the series keeps up this quality, our gal Tink will soon be giving those princesses a run for their money.

#6 - WALL-E
3-Disc Special Edition Disney DVD

Yes, the movies good enough to deserve two spots in the top ten, especially with this home edition packed with superb bonus material, not the least of which being the hilarious companion short, BURN-E.

Walt Disney Treasures DVD

The fourth time was the charm for The Donald, who finally makes it into the Toon Talk top ten with his concluding collection of cartoon classics, including his Cinemascope period and such educational gems as Donald in Mathmagic Land.