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Toon Talk: Toy Story 3 & Cars Toon: Mater's Tall Tales
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The one and only “Game & Activity” is the “Toy Story Trivia Dash”, a fun two-player, four-level game that gives you the option to choose trivia questions from all three Toy Story movies or just Toy Story 3.

Recognizing that movie publicity is more than just trailers and posters nowadays, the “Publicity” section also features a host of so-called “viral videos” that were released prior to Toy Story 3’s debut, including a hilarious trio of “Ken’s Dating Tips” (“for today’s bachelor”) and two spot-on “vintage TV commercials” for Lots O’ Huggin’ Bear. Also included is a look at how Dancing With the Stars professional dancers Cheryl Burke and Tony Dovolani choreographed the “Tienes un Amigo en Mi” Pasodoble for Spanish Buzz and his “desert flower” Jessie.

Through all the bonus features, one can see the love and care put into Toy Story 3 that is so evident while watching the final film.

Also available this week on Disney DVD and Blu-ray is Cars Toon: Mater’s Tall Tales, a collection of hilarious animated shorts starring everyone’s favorite rusty ol’ tow truck. The set includes nine cartoons (including two new ones) that find Mater spinning a yarn about his past (not entirely factual) exploits to his befuddled BFF Lightning McQueen.

The rollicking adventures find Mater taking on various outlandish (and highly merchandisable) personas, including an Evil Knievel-type daredevil (in Mater the Greater), a fire engine (Rescue Squad Mater), a pro wrestler (Monster Truck Mater), a UFO (Unidentified Flying Mater), a Spanish bull(dozer)fighter (El Materdor), an astronaut (Moon Mater), a rock star (Heavy Metal Mater), a noirish private detective (Mater, Private Eye) and a tricked out street racer (Tokyo Mater).

As could be expected, humor runs high in each of the comic vignettes, most especially when the makers throw in clever homages to such pop culture touchstones as Starsky and Hutch, Chinatown and the Fast and the Furious movies. Best of all, each is easily superior to Mater’s last, disappointing outing, Mater and the Ghost Light.

A generous amount of bonus features rounds out the disc, including more “Studio Stories” and “Paths to Pixar” outings, story reels for three of the shorts, a selection of “Unmade Tales” and a special sneak peek at “Cars Land”, a brand new 124-acre attraction scheduled to open in Disney’s California Adventure in 2012.

Toon Talk Ratings:

    Toy Story 3: A 
    Car Toons: Mater’s Tall Tales: B+

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-- Kirby C. Holt
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-- Posted November 4, 2010

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